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Greg Gutfeld's Homophobia & Islamophobia?

Reported by Priscilla - March 24, 2011 -

Both Bill Maher and Greg Gutfeld are comedians whose comedy can be "edgy." While Gutfeld, as a loyal Fox "News" channel employee, directs his satire against liberals, Maher's is equal opportunity. While Maher lampoons all religions, former altar boy Gutfeld directs his satire and animosity towards Islam. Snark about pedophile priests isn't heard on Gutfeld's "Red Eye." In fact, he occasionally hosts Fox's official clergy, Father Jonathan Morris, for a discussion about Catholic dogma. In addition to Islam, which Greg feels is very intolerant, Greg seems to have a problem with teh gay. He was called out by the gay community for his "jokes" regarding Ellen DeGeneres' marriage to Portia de Rossi. Gutfeld attacked Media Matters for their criticism of Fox News reporting, particularly Haiti earthquake coverage. Twice, he had his "robot theater" characters engage in a discussion in which sophomoric and stereotypical "gay" terminology was utilized. One of the characters portrayed the openly gay founder of MMFA, David Brock. After Gutfeld trashed right wing homophobes who boycotted CPAC, I actually thought that he had seen the errors of his ways. But as he subsequently got slapped, by right wing "Newsbusters," for his offense against good, clean, Christian heterosexuality, I suspected that Gutfeld would be back on the "straight" and narrow. As demonstrated by one of last week's Red Eye segments, I was right. In addition to engaging in his trademark Islamophobia, Gutfeld worked in some homophobia. But the funny thing was that he was insulting gays for what he felt was their "fear" based tolerance for Islam and their supposed intolerance towards Christians. In other words, he was promoting homophobia because these gays weren't sufficiently Islamophobic. But that's good, old Greg who, unlike HBO's Bill Maher, is on America's "fair & balanced" "news" network!

Greg, who still hasn't opened his mosque abutting NY gay bar, reported that a gay pride parade in England is being cancelled "because it will cause 'community tension' between gays and Muslims." Appalled at this exercise in tolerance, Gutfeld read part of the statement from the gay group: "We want both homophobia and Islamophobia addressed as a collective problem and not feed one against the other, we do not recognise these as distinct categories." He then articulated the ever popular Fox "News" "persecuted Christian" meme when he commented, "So let's rewind. Homophobia and Islamophobia are the same thing. So I got to ask, do you think they would also group homophobia and anti-Christian attacks as one in the same? Do they see crude jokes aimed at Mormons as no different than anti-gay jokes? I don't think so." He wanted to know why these British gays were "embracing Muslims as marginalized brethren and not others." Once again he cited poor, persecuted Christians: "It's harder to protest around people who really hate you, so better to stay out of Islam's way and target the gentler dissenters like white, pudgy Christians (the people who remind you of dad and don't want you dead). So here we have fear masked as tolerance forcing gays into contortions even circus performers wouldn't try."

Ignoring the fact that the American religious right hates gays, Gutfeld asked why British gays are defending "a religion whose practitioners want gays punished?" His last comment demonstrated the ignorance which underscores homophobia: "Anyway, let me remind you that I hate all parades, so I don't mind if this one's cancelled. Marching to celebrate something you are as opposed to have achieved seems odd."

Comment: Is Gutfeld upset that gays are showing some tolerance towards Islam? Is he saying that this is hypocritical because gays insult Christians? Is he saying that gays and Muslims shouldn't complain about bigotry because they are bigoted? His Mormon reference was probably because gays were not too thrilled that the Mormon church, in tandem with his Catholic church, paid beaucoup bucks in support of Prop. 8. What Gutfeld didn't say was only one of the gay British groups is withdrawing from the parade because of one of the organizers, who subsequently resigned, was outed as a member of the racist, white supremacist "English Defense League." Organizer Peter Tachell, who wants the parade postponed, said that “We fear the march will be exploited and hijacked by the far right to create divisions and stir up intolerance against Muslim people.” But I really take issue about Gutfeld's contention that parades should be about achievements. St. Patrick's Day and St. Joesph's Day parades are about pride in one's ethnicity. Fourth of July celebrations are about our identity as Americans. In other words, people take pride in what and who they are. Black pride and gay pride both come from a history of oppression, discrimination, and brutality. The celebration of being black and being gay is pride in the essence of being black and being gay and no longer being ashamed of that essence. Greg Gutfeld doesn't get it. And instead of addressing Islamophobia and homophobia, Greg engaged in it. But then, he's the comedy part of "America's Newsroom," which broadcasts to an Islamophobic and homophobic America!

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