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Fox News Hypocrisy Re Bill Maher's "Sexism"

Reported by Priscilla - March 23, 2011 -

New Rule - Next time Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller or any other Fox "News" troglodyte or right wing troglodyte appearing on Fox (Ann Coulter, I'm looking at you) makes an inappropriate "joke" (Read Nancy Pelosi's botox) regarding Democratic female politicians, Greta Van Susteren needs to call them out on it. Conservative "feminists" need to condemn this sexism and if they don't, Fox Nation and the Fox News website must do an article about this lack of concern. And if they don't want to do that, they should STFU because it will make their outrage about Bill Maher's Sarah Palin comment look just oh, so hypocritical.

Background - Last week, Bill Maher referred to Sarah Palin as a "twat" which is a slang term for vagina. Obviously, it's vulgar, sexist, and cringeworthy but no more cringeworthy than any of the comedic stylings that escape out of Ann Coulter's mouth. While Maher's satire can sometimes go over the line, he's never, as far as I know, advocated killing a SCOTUS judge or carpet bombing Muslim countries. As Palin is the Madonna of the right wing, the mouthpiece for the right wing, Fox "News," rallied to her defense. And as part of their defense, they contacted liberal feminist groups so that they could engage in a gotcha if these women did not defend Palin. Much to Fox's, one suspects, chagrin, the selected organizations were critical of Maher, except for NOW which claimed that it was not their practice to respond to Fox. The Fox website and Fox Nation wasted no time in reporting this. However, NOW subsequently produced a statement in which they condemned sexism in the media and called Fox out on their lack of concern for this before Fox "discovered" Sarah Palin. They also pointed out the disingenuousness of the right wing concern about a sexist comment while the right wing wages war on women's reproductive rights. Both the Fox News website and Fox Nation have updated their coverage to reflect NOW's response. As reported by News Hounds Ellen, Sarah's BFF, Greta Van Susteren was quite concerned.

But here's the thing. As stated by NOW, the Fox gang didn't appear to concerned about the sexist insults being hurled at Hillary Clinton. And while MSNBC's Chris Matthews was guilty of this, right wing commentators such as Neal Boortz thought that referring to Ms. Clinton as the "Hildabeast" was quite amusing. I don't recall any outrage from Fox. Flash forward to the last two years when Nancy Pelosi was the first female Speaker of the House. Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly had no qualms about plastic surgery and botox "jokes" aimed at Ms. Pelosi. Dennis Miller referred to GOP candidate, Sharron Angle as a "dame." A right wing Town Hall columnist called Michell Obama a "bitch." Laura Ingraham referred to John McCain's daugher, Meghan McCain, as "plus sized." A Republican activist compared Michell Obama to a gorilla.

Obviously, if Fox wants to criticize Bill Maher for sexist comments, that's their right. But if they don't complain about the junk in their's and the right wing's trunk and expect conservative women to do the same, we're talking double standard. And that wouldn't be "Fair & Balanced," would it?

BTW, can you imagine the kind of sexist rhetoric from the usual suspects if Nancy Pelosi bawled like John Boehner!


The Women's Media Center has a great video which documents right wing media sexism which has some Fox moments.

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