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O'Reilly And Goldberg Slam Obama "Hate Industry" - Promoted On Fox News

Reported by Ellen - March 22, 2011 -

I've previously posted about Fox News' attempts to smear President Obama for playing golf and filling out NCAA brackets during world crises. Last night (3/21/11) there was pushback and criticism from some unlikely voices: Bernie Goldberg and Bill O'Reilly. Goldberg complained about "rigid ideology masquerading as thoughtful, honest commentary," then added, "I'm getting sick of it."

Near the end of O'Reilly's weekly segment with Goldberg, at about the 4:50 mark, Goldberg complained about the hypocrisy on the right.
They make a great big deal out of this NCAA brackets business - as if the president can't take 15 minutes out..."

O'Reilly interrupted, "That's just Obama bashing, pure and simple."

Goldberg agreed, adding that if George W. Bush had done the brackets, conservative talkshow hosts "would have said, 'What's the big deal?'"

"There's an industry of Obama bashers," O'Reilly said.

Goldberg said, "We have rigid ideology masquerading as thoughtful, honest commentary and I'm getting sick of it."

You have to wonder whether Goldberg is long for Fox News.

After that, O'Reilly steered the discussion away.

But Roger Ailes has nothing to fear. The rest of the segment was filled with swipes at liberals and the so-called liberal media.

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