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Sen. Lindsey Graham Blames Obama For Unrest In Yemen And Bahrain – And Nobody Challenges Him

Reported by Ellen - March 21, 2011 -

On Fox News Sunday yesterday (3/20/11), Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Jack Reed discussed Libya with host Chris Wallace. Graham spent nearly the entire segment attacking President Obama for being indecisive and weak. Near the end of the discussion, at about the 7:24 mark in the video (after the jump), Wallace asked whether we shouldn't also intervene in Yemen and Bahrain since those governments are attacking protesters in much the same way as in Libya. Graham responded, “We should push back against using live ammunition against people who are protesting. This whole deterioration in the Mid East is because of (Obama's) indecisive leadership. The people in Yemen and Bahrain do not believe there's a down side of shooting their own people because we let Gaddafi come back and get stronger, not weaker.”

Graham did sound a note of hope for Obama: “If we deal with Gaddafi decisively, we'll have better leverage in Bahrain and Yemen and the Iranians will think twice, but if we don't deal with him decisively, all hell is going to break loose in the Mid East because nobody's going to follow a weak America.”

Senator Reed got the last word but did not challenge Graham on his outrageous accusation. Needless to mention, Wallace didn't either.

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