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Mike Huckabee Pimps Abby Johnson's Book & Anti-Choice Agitprop

Reported by Priscilla - March 21, 2011 -

As Fox News is the mouthpiece for the anti-choice movement, it's no surprise that Fox News has been actively supporting the anti-choice's jihad (or is it crusade?) against Planned Parenthood. In addition to "sting" videographer and Fox fave, Lila Rose, another darling of the "right to life" is a former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson, who, as a result of a "road to Damascus" experience, became a Catholic and is now in the vanguard of the movement that wants to defund Planned Parenthood and ultimately re-criminalize abortion. And speaking of Lila Rose, Johnson is now chief strategist for Rose's group, "Live Action." Johnson has written a book which she recently promoted on the Bill O'Reilly show during an interview which was part of a week-long shout out (Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here,) to their GOP pals who want to defund Planned Parenthood. Johnson provided O'Reilly with the requisite validation for his and Fox's anti-choice spin. In 2009, after she got her official anti-choice angel's wings, both O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee showed her lots of love. *(Correction) Recently, on a Huckabee video, she was back for more of that love (and more book promotion) from a possible presidential candidate who wants the world to be led by folks with a "biblical world view." Judging from the stuff in Leviticus, Sharia law is a walk in the park - but I digress...

Huckabee framed her "conversion" as happening because she watched an abortion. In citing the dismissal of a Planned Parenthood lawsuit against her, she said that "you really can't sue somebody for being pro-life." Nice shout out to the pro-lifers; but the reality is that she was being sued for violating patient confidentiality. She said that the only time she encounters anybody from Planned Parenthood is when she is "sidwalk counseling." Reality is that these folks do not "counsel." They harass women who are walking into clinics with tearful remonstrances about how these women, many of whom are not there for abortion, are "killing their baby." After Huckabee asked her to explain her epiphany, good Christian Johnson might have been telling a little fib because she claimed that this was the first time a sonogram abortion had been done at the clinic - yet, this type of abortion is routine at abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood records do not show that this type of abortion occurred on the day that she alleges was her come to Jesus moment. Huckabee provided warm affirmation for her dramatic tale which included her disclosure that she had two abortions. After Huckabee's question of what message she hopes to convey, she misrepresented how American is turning "pro-life" because of a recent Gallup Poll that shows 51% of Americans are "pro-life." What she didn't say is that a majority favors abortion in some circumstances. She added that "now is a critical time for our country...because abortions are on the rise and we have got to stand up for these children, these mothers, and the clinic workers" because both the women and the clinic workers are "hurting." She asserted that "nobody wants to grow up and be a clinic worker." Reality is that many female med students are committed to doing abortions. She said, with regard to the workers, "we need to reach out to them with love." I guess that means no more threats and harassment from Johnson's anti-choice soul siblings! - threats that Johnson received when she was at Planned Parenthood but which she never talks about, now. Johnson also didn't mention that she was put "on notice" for her job performance several days before the divine intervention.

Comment: Pretty slick as Johnson presents as just so sweet. It's all about reaching out with love. Color me cynical - but I don't think so. Johnson's and Huckabee's real agenda of turning the clock back to the pre-Roe days of back alley butchers doesn't show love for women. Nuff said!

*I have been informed by a faithful Fox lover that Huckabee didn't air this interview as his Saturday show was pre-empted by Libya coverage. It is, however, posted on the Fox website. So mea culpa and my bad for saying that it was televised. The thread has been corrected and now I'm going off to flagellate myself.

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