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After Attacking Obama For Not Acting Against Libya, Now Fox News Is Blaming Him For Acting Too Precipitously

Reported by Ellen - March 21, 2011 -

Mark at News Corpse has an excellent breakdown of how Fox News morphed the anti-Obama accusations over Libya so as to fit just about any set of facts. (H/T Aunty Em)

Mark wrote:

For much of the past week Fox News has been complaining that President Obama has not done enough for the people of Libya. Most of these stories castigated the President as a weak leader who was ignoring massive suffering on the part of people who are fighting for their freedom against a brutal tyrant. As the story unfolded Fox Nation posted items with headlines that constructed a dramatic story of incompetence and neglect.

The Fox Nationalists painted a picture of a “President Gone AWOL” who “Bows (to) the UN” that “Authorizes No-Fly Zone” so that allies “Declare Military Action” while “Obama Outsources the War to the French.” So obviously the story climaxes with…

“Serious Doubts Raised About Obama’s War In Libya.” That’s right – it’s now Obama’s war. A military action that Obama was supposedly to indecisive to start, and too much a follower to lead, is now declared to be a full-fledged war that belongs solely to Obama. When did Obama return from being AWOL? When did he assume ownership from the French? When did it become a war?

You can rest assured that no matter what the outcome, Fox News will spin it as a loss for President Obama with the most dire consequences they can conjure up.

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