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Fox's Peter Johnson Jr. Has "Never Seen" Right Wing Child "Indoctrination" - Scuse Me?

Reported by Priscilla - March 20, 2011 -

The hypocrisy and ignorance are stunning. As noted by Media Matters, Fox News is part of the newest right wing faux outrage about Wisconsin school children participating in protests against Governor Walker. They claim that children are being "indoctrinated" into liberal causes. On yesterday's "Fox & Friends," the topic was the question: "Are union protesters in Wisconsin now using students in their fight against Governor Scott Walker?" Peter Johnson Jr. asked Mike Huckabee if "this is something out of Red China?" He added "I've never seen kids used in that fashion." Oh, Peter can we talk?

Huckabee replied that he has a problem with this kind of indoctrination because the kids "don't know what the governor does..." He blames parents who use children for such an overtly political game." But wait - the right wing "uses" children, per Johnson's definition, for political purposes, on an ongoing basis and if Peter Johnson Jr. has never seen kids "used in that fashion," he has his head squarely up the dark, anal cavity otherwise knows as Fox News. Media Matters cites children in attendance at Tea Party rallies. But there is another area where kids are getting, per Johnson's definition, right wing "indoctrination."

How bout the kids who participate in the annual "March for Life" and regularly protest, with their parents, at abortion clinics? Do they know about the anguish of an unplanned pregnancy and what life was like pre Roe? The kids in Wisconsin were supporting the right to collective bargaining. The anti-choice kids are part of a movement to destroy the right of American women to control their bodies which is as "overtly political" as the Wisconsin agenda - if not more, considering the GOP Congressional war on women's health. But as Huckabee says, regarding the Wisconsin protests, they have the freedom of assembly. In Foxworld, anti-choice kids, good - pro-public employee collective bargaining rights kids, bad. No bias here, nosirree. BTW, the Wisconsin kids were protesting on a day off. The annual March for Life is not a school holiday! And if Johnson doesn't know that the right wing "uses" kids, too, he's either lying for the sake of the propaganda or pathetically uninformed!



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