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Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters Blames Obama And “His” “Worthless Campaign-Promise” War In Afghanistan For Americans' Lack Of Desire For A New War In Libya

Reported by Ellen - March 19, 2011 -

In typical fashion, instead of discussing Libya, what's really happening there and what the U.S. options realistically are, Fox News made a discussion about the situation there about President Obama – with a guest they knew would criticize him by clamoring for more war. Sure enough, Peters painted the downfall of Libya's Gaddafi as somehow vital to American interests without explaining quite how - and without any real challenge from substitute host Juan Williams. Furthermore, he also blamed President Obama for Americans' lack of enthusiasm for a new war in Libya. According to Peters, it's not only Obama's fault we're bogged down in “hopeless, worthless” Afghanistan (Peters said nothing about Iraq) but if Obama were a better leader, we'd understand the “need” better.

Peters, the lead off guest on The O'Reilly Factor last night (3/18/11), wasted no time getting to the point: accusing Obama of having “destroyed it all” by letting Gaddafi think, “no regime change. I can sleep well tonight and wait the gringos out.”

Williams defended Obama capably, as far as I could tell, given that Fox played only a soundbite of Obama's latest remarks on Libya – while giving Peters about five minutes.

Peters sounded like something out of Dr. Strangelove as he continued, “We don't want U.S. troops on the ground and they're unnecessary, but the no-fly zone at this zone... has to be really robust, it has to be a hair trigger. One Libyan tank moves out of position, you whack him.”

Of course, one attack on Obama was not enough. Peters took some gratuitous swipes at him on Afghanistan: “Yes, we are bogged down in worthless, hopeless campaign-promise war in Afghanistan. But the Air Force and Navy aren't bogged down.”

Williams brought up a Fox News opinion poll showing only 25% favor U.S. military involvement in Libya, with 65% opposing.

That was Obama's fault too, said Peters. “One of the reasons support's so weak is because Obama hasn't provided leadership on this. The president's job is to explain why we have to do some tough things. Second, he does have us bogged down in this hopeless, worthless situation in Afghanistan and three – look, nobody's explained to the American people how high the stakes are in Libya. It's not just about Libya. If the world community doesn't stop this tinpot dictator, with his tinpot army from slaughtering his own people, the lesson the dictators around the world will take from it... is that it's OK to slaughter your own people. The Arab revolt, the fight for freedom is at stake in Libya tonight.”

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