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Fox News Trots Out Ann Coulter To Tell Us Radiation Is Good For Our Health

Reported by Ellen - March 18, 2011 -

Just when I think Fox News can't go any lower in the journalistic integrity department, out comes two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter - who, as far as I can discern, has absolutely no training or expertise in physics or medicine – to argue that radiation exposure is good for you. Funny how she didn't mention anything about hopping on a plane to Japan, though.

Coulter appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night (3/17/11) to discuss her latest column called, “A Glowing Report on Radiation.” Get it?

Coulter announced she had uncovered, “a stunning number of physicists... a growing body of evidence that radiation in excess of what the government says are the minimum amounts (I think she meant maximum amounts) you should be exposed to are actually good for you and reduce cases of cancer.” She went on to cite some examples.

O'Reilly was skeptical. “So by your account, we should all be heading for the nuclear reactor leaking,” he said. “Come on.”

Coulter giggled and said there's a spa in Boulder, MT where people pay to go into a mine and be exposed to “excessive levels of radiation.”

O'Reilly still wasn't buying it. “I want the audience to be very cautious about all this. It's all theoretical at this point.”

Coulter went on to question whether maybe something other than radiation exposure killed the Japanese at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Tell you what, Ann, why don't you go over to Japan, test out your theory and then report back to us about it?

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