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Beck Dismisses Potential Radiation Deaths In Japan As Media Over-Hype

Reported by Ellen - March 18, 2011 -

First, Ann Coulter trotted out on The O'Reilly Factor last night (3/18/11) with her claim that radiation is good for you. Then, Glenn Beck, the king of incendiary rhetoric came on to complain that the media had overblown the concern about radiation leaks in Japan because “the biggest number they can come up with is 4,000 people will eventually die.” But, like Coulter before him, Beck didn't say a word about going over there. After all, if it's not big deal, why isn't he on an airplane to help out? Especially since he went on to praise the Japanese society as being so decent and admirable in the face of tragedy (unlike blacks certain elements of American society).

O'Reilly began the segment by asking, “What is the major lesson that the world should learn from this Japanese horror?”

Surely O'Reilly knew that Beck has been off-the-charts crazy this week with his rantings. Perhaps for that reason or maybe because O'Reilly knows Beck may not be a colleague much longer or maybe out of contrariness, O'Reilly made a point of distancing himself from Beck and playing the voice of reason.

Beck answered, “The people (then he plugged his show)... Look at the lack of looting... How did these people become like this? ...Even on 9/11... we still had crime. Not in Japan... They're good to each other... They respect their elders... You work hard to better each other.”

The unstated implication was clear: Unlike our (black) welfare queens here. Just in case we didn't get the message, O'Reilly brought up Katrina as B-roll footage of mostly black people looting appeared on the screen. However, O'Reilly also made a point of highlighting some other, less appealing aspects of Japanese culture, such as their obedience to a brutal government during World War II and their insularity.

Beck continued, “The other lesson to learn... is that the media is again focusing on the wrong thing. The nuclear power plants are in trouble... (but) it's not Chernobyl. And even if it were Chernobyl, the U.N., the most, the biggest number they can come up with is 4,000 people will eventually die... There is a bigger meltdown happening and it is called the economy of the world.”

Yes, who cares about the possible loss of 4,000 people halfway around the world when Beck has economic conspiracy theories (and gold) to peddle?

O'Reilly acknowledged the “over-hyping” of the story, “but the drama is – and the media always goes for drama - ...the drama is whether this thing is going to go... that's a big drama... It drives numbers, it drives ratings.”

After a week, if not an entire career of apolcalyptic shenanigans, Beck now whined, “Are you admitting that that is what the news media has turned into now?”

“Absolutely,” O'Reilly said. “Not lately, it's been going on for 30 years.” He noted that the media “will always go for the most sensational part of the story. Always.”

“I think it's wrong,” Beck said.

“You think it's wrong,” O'Reilly said, surely thinking what we're thinking. “You gotta get out of the media then because this is what the media is all about.” Then he quickly added, “No, we don't want to lose you.”

Beck laughed but it sounded like bitter laughter to me. He later went on to “joke” that he had worn a sweater with a “fighting bees” emblem “to feel like I'm part of your world.”

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