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Ainsley Earhardt, Wall Of Genius?

Reported by Priscilla - March 18, 2011 -

Fox "News" is on a war against the "nanny state" that would dare to tell free Americans that they shouldn't be shoving countless Big Mac's down their fat gullets. And now, according to Ainsley Earhard, they're coming to take yer cigarettes away. Turns out, as with much of what "Fox & Friends" presents as the outrage du jour, TV isn't always reality.

This morning, on "Fox & Friends," Ainsley conducted an interview with two NY City residents who represent opposite sides of the issue of whether to ban smoking in some NY City co-ops and condos. Ainsley reported that Manhattan condos and co-ops are trying to ban smoking all smoking indoors. After Earhardt told the condo board president, Steven Michaelson, that "you want the government to tell the people in NY City to tell the people that they're not allowed to smoke in their own condos," he informed her that he wants this to be a building, and not a government policy. An indignant Ainsley said that "we pay upwards of $4,000 a month for a small 1200 square foot apartment here. You're gonna tell people what they can and can't do inside that small, little space." After he spoke about how this "infringes" on other tenants, she then whined about how "the guy below her" complains about how her high heels are too loud and another resident complains about her loud TV and "it gets to be a little annoying." (Aw, poor Ainsley whose annual rent is what some teacher's make for an annual salary!) The agitprop chyron: "Nanny State Gone Too Far." The woman who opposes the smoking ban also said that she believes that "private property owners do have the right to make these rules."The conversation went back and forth and towards the end, Earhardt asked Michaelson about the "next step." To his question of "for me," she responded, "well, for the government, when do we find out if this is gonna take effect." He told her that his building will be voting on a policy to ban smoking and that is a decision based on the unit owners. Earhardt said "gotcha." The agitprop chyron: "Smoking Ban Heats Up, Ban Would Prohibit Smoking in Your Own Home."

Comment: While it was not clearly stated, the implication was that the NY City campaign to ban smoking in some condos and co-ops was being done by the tenants and not the government - but Earhardt's presentation could leave the viewer with the impression that this is evil "big government" as it is, according to Earhardt and her chyrons, an "extension" of public policy. The chyron about prohibition of smoking "in your own home" applies only to some co-op and condo owners in NY City. If Earhart had bothered to do some research, she would have seen in a Murdoch owned publication, "The Wall Street Journal," that partial smoking bans have already been enacted. She would have learned that "At least half a dozen Manhattan co-ops are expected to ask shareholders during annual meetings this spring to vote on an all-out smoking ban that would prohibit residents from lighting up in their own homes, real estate attorneys say. Another dozen co-op or condo buildings are considering such a vote." If she had her facts straight, she wouldn't have asked the extraordinarily - ah - inane question about "for the government when do we find out if this is gonna take effect." You just can't make this stuff up - although, if you're one of the many talented and versatile blonde Fox stable of "journalists" ("bubble headed bleached blonde?") you just might!


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