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Rep. Anthony Weiner Calls Out Hannity On Unfair Debate With Michele Bachmann

Reported by Ellen - March 17, 2011 -

Sean Hannity and Fox News billed its segment last night (3/16/11) with Reps. Anthony Weiner and Michele Bachmann as a debate about budget cuts but in reality, it was Hannity attacking Weiner and allowing Bachmann to pile on. Hannity didn't even try to hide his disdain as he mocked Weiner with childish insults I haven't heard since 7th grade. But Weiner did the right thing – by calling out the tactics in a joking way. It obviously threw Hannity off his bullyboy stride that Weiner was laughing instead of cowering or getting angry or frustated and, in my opinion, it just made Hannity's name calling look all the more childish. At the end, Weiner taunted, “Make it three on one next time. Make it three on one or four on one next time. I'm ready for ya... I love these balanced debates.”

Hannity interrupted Weiner during his first comments by sneering, “Blah, blah, blah... Good grief.”

When Hannity refused to allow Weiner to rebut Bachmann, Weiner said, “You sure two on one is enough for you, Sean?” He laughed.

As Weiner went on to argue that “more private sector jobs were created under Obama in his two years (than under eight years of President Bush),” Hannity interrupted and said, “That's a lie... I know you're a bitter partisan... You're a partisan hack.”

Weiner shot back, “Don't call me names, Sean! It's almost St. Patrick's Day, you're gonna call me names?”

Hannity, obviously at a loss as to how to deal with this, said, “Yes.”

The discussion went on in this vein until the end. As the music began, and Hannity said, “We gotta run,” he couldn't resist taking another shot at Weiner. “You're going to have to man up... you're gonna have to sit at the table and put your pants on and come to this realization: Barack Obama's president two and a half years.” Meaning it was time to stop blaming Bush. Which is quite rich considering Hannity's obsession with blaming Bill Clinton for 9./11 and other ills during the Bush administration.

It would have been great if Weiner had called Hannity on that but Weiner's response was pretty darned good anyway. He said, “Make it three on one next time. Make it three on one or four on one next time. I'm ready for ya.” He laughed.

Hannity responded, “You're a star, just go look in the mirror. I know you think that of yourself.” I guess “I'm rubber, you're glue” didn't quite work in this context.

“I love these balanced debates!” Weiner continued.

“Yeah, that's what it is,” Hannity said, inanely.

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