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Juan Williams Pushes Back On Trumped Up “Obama Slacking With Golf, NCAA” Fox Meme

Reported by Ellen - March 17, 2011 -

Perhaps at a loss as to how to politically exploit the horrific earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe in Japan against President Obama, Fox News seized on a phony-baloney attack if ever there was one. Instead of discussing what Obama has actually done (or not) during the current crises there and elsewhere, Fox has been attacking him for playing golf and filling out his NCAA brackets, among other supposedly frivolous activites. Last night (3/16/11) on Hannity, Williams was magnificent at pushing back against the attacks. Best line: What do you want (Obama) to do, put on a cape and go push back the tsunami?

I've got my quarrels with Juan Williams but when he's good he can be very, very good.

Oh, and while they spoke, Fox put up this “fair and balanced” graphic: "can you afford FOUR MORE?" Just in case you didn't get the hint, they substituted Obama's 2008 campaign logo for the “o” in “more.”

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