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Ainsley Earhardt Advances Fr. Frank Pavone "Baby Joseph" "Rescue" Myth

Reported by Priscilla - March 17, 2011 -

During this morning's "Fox & Friends," Ainsley Earhardt (another Fox "bubble headed bleached blonde?") claimed that "Baby Joseph" was "rescued from a hospital in Canada earlier this week by a group called 'Priests for Life' just hours before being taken off of life support at the orders of the government run panel in Canada". As I have reported, this is not true. While it's hard to believe that a radical "pro-life" Catholic priest would lie, it does appear that this vision of a super secret "raid on Entebbe" pro-life "rescue mission" is based on Pavone's fantasy and not the truth. But within the short soundbite, Fox was able to pack in the propaganda about evil Canadian death panels, and by promoting Frank Pavone's rescue myth, provide a shout out to their "pro-life" audience. So it was all good....

The child's case was under appeal to the Ontario's medical Consent and Capacity Board. Life support was not going to removed until the appeal was heard. According to the family's lawyer, Claudio Martini, the hospital "was co-operative and 'respectful' of the parents' decision" to move the child and "responded promptly." He also noted that the transfer "was not as dramatic as portrayed by Father Pavone and his Priests for Life group, who used the phrase 'under the cover of darkness'.” This myth plays into the rightwing meme that "Obamacare" is based on cold, heartless, Canadian health care that includes "death panels." As promoted by the radical anti-choice Pavone, it also suggests that the Canadian hospital are "baby killers" - a phrase very popular with the anti-choice right wing whose "pro-life" responses to what they perceive as "murder," get rather homicidal. So it's not surprising that the Canadian hospital has been "targeted with threats through social media and e-mail, many of them originating from “members of U.S.-based groups.”

Comment: Nice to see that Fox "News" is doing its best to promote the "culture of life."


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