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Bill O'Reilly Whines That Bill Maher Gets Preferential Media Treatment

Reported by Priscilla - March 16, 2011 -

While Bill O'Reilly is the embodiment of a right wing joke, he is, officially, not a comedian. He is, by profession, a "journalist," who prides himself on being "fair & balanced" - which is actually pretty funny. Bill Maher, however, is a comedian who is not enamored of organized religion; and as such, he is up front in his criticism of all religion. During last week's HBO show, he told Muslim American Congressional Rep. Keith Ellison that the Koran is a "hate filled book." And because the evil, librul media didn't react to it, Bill O'Reilly is - ah - jealous? Bill certainly seemed, during a discussion about this oversight on Monday night's "Factor" with Fox contributors conservative Mary Katherine Ham and token liberal Juan Williams, a little resentful about how the great and powerful Bill O'Reilly gets no respect while the nasty Bill Maher "skates." Not surprisingly, his fellow Foxies, in placing their metaphorical lips on O'Reilly's metaphorical posterior, provided lots of validation for Bill's persecution complex and ongoing meme about double standards. There was also some commentary about radical Islam so it was all good...

Bill started with an articulation of a popular right wing meme; i.e. that if Islam is criticized by conservatives, "all hell breaks loose in the media." After he played the clip of Maher's Koran commentary, he said that there was no reaction from the media. He also noted that Ellison's reaction was "tepid." Speaking of himself in the third person, he said "Imagine if it was Bill O'Reilly who that said that to Congressman Ellison which I had him on last week, the response would have been different." A giant sucking sound was heard when Williams replied "Hours, days. I mean literally, if I said something like that -- wait a second, forget me, what if Bill O'Reilly had something like that." Bill and Juan went back and forth about what consequences would have been if they had said what Maher did - ignoring the fact that Fox has no problem when O'Reilly says stuff like "the jihad comes out of Islam, do you not get that?"

Not content with attacking Maher, O'Reilly and Ham attacked Ellison for having a "tepid" response to Maher. Ham said that it was "ironic" that Ellison broke down at Peter King's hearing, yet was not vociferous in his response to Maher. In articulating the right wing meme that "Hollywood liberals" embrace Democratic politicians, Williams said that Maher is "one of their own." The ever pugnacious O'Reilly accused Ellison of being "wimpy" - "with all due respect." Bill did admit that Maher hates all religions. Mary Katherine Ham provided commentary about how the "political incorrectness" of Maher's commentary demonstrates how "political correctness is what prevents us from seeing the actual real conflict between moderate and fundamentalist forces in Islam and facing up to that." She added that Ellison "faced up to that" in his response to Maher when he said that the Muslim community has problems that need fixing." (Oh, snap, some rightwing anti-Islamic agitprop worked into the discussion!) After O'Reilly said that there were different interpretations of scripture, Williams jumped onto the propaganda train when he said that "jihad" wasn't a personal journey but an attempt to kill us. After O'Reilly cited peaceful Muslims, Williams said that "you have to be honest about the fact that people are using that document as justification for violent action."

Comment: Aw, poor Bill. But if you want to talk double standards, where was Bill O'Reilly's outrage about Ann Coulter's "jokes" about carpet bombing Islamic countries and poisoning a SCOTUS Justice? Unlike Maher's statements, which were made on a pay per month cable network, these were said on a national "news" channel. Unlike Bill O'Reilly, Bill Maher isn't a journalist and isn't pretending to be "fair & balanced." Maher is critical of all religions. And while O'Reilly is critical of "jihad," he rarely, if every, speaks to how radical anti-abortion and white supremacist militia movements are based on Christianity. Bill neglected to mention that Maher's former show, "Politically Incorrect," was canceled, in 2002, after he took issue with George W. Bush's description of the 9/11 terrorists as "cowards." Maher was recently heckled, on his show, for his comments on women in the Muslim world. Aw, poor Bill. He can't get away with insulting Muslims. Life sucks....


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