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Bill O'Reilly Is A Gleek?

Reported by Priscilla - March 12, 2011 -

OMG, I was catching up on my Hollywood tabloid news and I came across this shocking bit of information. It seems that "traditionalist" Bill O'Reilly was on the set of "Glee" during the filming of the "regionals." He even alluded to it on his show and added that the "Glee" "professionals" were "very nice." (I'm sure if Bill had behaved badly, Coach Sue would have handled him adroitly!) There's even a rumor that he will be playing a judge at the "competition." Others speculate that he might have a "cameo." Officially he was there with his 11 year old daughter. OMG, Bill is exposing her to evil Hollywood libruls?? He actually fraternized with Sarah Palin nemisis, Kathy Griffin, who will be in the episode, and shook Griffin's mom's hand. But has this paragon of the white, conservative, Christian, male power structure embraced a new, tolerant attitude? Has his brain been washed by the "far left." I ask this because last year he wasn't a happy camper when he said that "Glee" mocked conservatives. He provided three examples of librul irreverence ("cheap shots") directed towards right wing divas Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. He wanted to know if the "Glee" writers are "left wing zealots" who are trying to "indoctrinate people." But now he's changed his tune. OMG, does he know that there are gay characters in "Glee?" But really, if you folks were to cast Bill in "Glee," what kind of role would you put him in? "Glee" is my favorite show and I really hope that they don't let Bill do any indoctrination!


Old Bill

New Bill (Glee mention at end of video)

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