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Bill O'Reilly Cites Wingnut Frank Gaffney As Justification For Rep. King's Muslim Hearings

Reported by Ellen - March 12, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly hosted Rep. Keith Ellison Thursday night (3/10/11) to discuss Rep. Peter King's hearings into Muslims. Ellison, of course, gave emotional testimony before the Committee about his concerns with the hearings whereas O'Reilly, not surprisingly, supports them. It was a pretty good debate – ardent but respectful. But O'Reilly lost all credibility when he cited the rabidly Islamophobic Frank Gaffney as a Muslim expert. That's the same Frank Gaffney who was banned from speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) because he accused it of having been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Unfortunately, Ellison didn't know who Gaffney is, so couldn't call O'Reilly on his crazy citation. By the way, Gaffney also advocated "taking out" Al Jazeera, suggested President Obama is a Muslim and likened the Ground Zero imam to Al Qaeda.

It started when O'Reilly asked Ellison, at about 3:25, if he knew Gaffney.

Ellison said he was not familiar with Gaffney.

O'Reilly: You should be. And I'm not saying that in a condescending way, because you would be very interested in what Mr. Gaffney has to say. He and his organization allege that violent extremism and sharia law is being condoned in 75% of American Muslim mosques.

Ellison: That's absurd.

O'Reilly: Now that is his contention: Isn't it worthy, if Congressman King – and I hope he calls Gaffney and I hope he calls Gaffney and says, “Back this up.” Isn't it worthy if that committee, the Homeland Security Committee, could debunk this. Now, I don't know if it's true or not. But I'd like to know if it's true.

Ellison responded by saying that King should call in the FBI, the Attorney General and other real experts. “We need to get facts, not stereotypes.”

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