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Sarah Palin Suddenly Advocates For Civility

Reported by Ellen - March 11, 2011 -

Remember when Sarah Palin was whining that criticisms of her inflammatory rhetoric were an attempt to stifle her free speech? When she defiantly responded “I’m not gonna sit down. I’m not gonna shut up?” Well, Palin is singing a completely different tune now. When she appeared on the Hannity program to discuss the protests in Wisconsin, immediately following the Scott Walker Rehab segment, Palin lectured about the need for civility.

Sporting a hairdo reminiscent of “Coneheads,” the quitting ex-governor again lectured Wisconsin Democratic senators for “retreating” from doing their jobs. Then she somehow found that comparable to the passage of Obamacare. Maybe you can figure out her logic. I could not (first video below).

Then, it was on to attacking Michael Moore and his rhetoric. “If he could just help to turn down the volume, deal in truth, deal in reality... The last thing we need is someone like a Michael Moore trying to ratchet up the rhetoric and the panic in the electorate.”

Of course, ratcheting up rhetoric and fear mongering is the Fox News specialty but don't hold your breath waiting for her to ask any conservatives to tone it down.

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