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Father Morris Says Bishops Support Union "Principal" - Will Fox Excommunicate Him?

Reported by Priscilla - March 11, 2011 -

A while back, I wrote a post in which I pondered whether Fox News, as a promoter of conservative Catholic dogma, would report comments from Wisconsin Catholic bishops regarding their support for worker's rights. Well saints preserve us but Fox's official clergy person, whose job is to comment on religious issues, actually discussed it. During his Sunday morning homily, Father Jonathan Morris responded to the question of whether the Catholic Church supports unions. Knowing the Fox position, as well as the Church's, Morris deftly explained the Church's position (angels doing some pin dancing) which might or might not allay what could be some serious cognitive dissonance at Fox which is pretty tight with the Roman collar crewe who tow the line regarding abortion. Supporting justice for workers, which is one of the canons of the church, is not a canon of Fox News. What Morris said related to "social justice" and that's anathema to the right wing to which Fox News sends its indulgences. Will Father Morris' comments be a Fox mortal sin, worthy of excommunication or will he be forgiven with a promise, from the good padre, to get back in the right wing fold at the next opportunity? But I must say that it was strange to hear a Fox contributor speak of worker's rights. Mirabile Dictu!

Dave Briggs asked if Bishops should insert themselves in the union protests. Morris said that they have a duty to do so regarding issues of morality. He said that they're not so much supporting the pro-union demonstrators against the governor; but rather, they're setting up principals. Alyson Camerota read a statement from WI Bishop Steven Blaire about how these debates are not about simple ideology or power but involve principals of justice. Camerota said it sounded like they support collective bargaining. Morris said that they are saying that unions, in general, are a good thing because they are defending the rights of workers. He did note that the bishops were not in attendance at the protests. But then he did reference commentary from one bishop who said that their support for the principals of unionizing does not mean that every union claim is valid and that "sacrifices" are sometimes required. To Dave's question of where the Catholic Church supports unions, Morris said that they support the principal of organized labor; but it doesn't mean that "they're on one side or the other in this particular debate."

Comment: So, it's not really all that bad for Fox News and the Fox Sunday congregation. The bishops aren't really taking sides - or are they? Morris' slick presentation showed that he was able to walk on water and get to the other side. I think! "Gloria in excelsis Deo"

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