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Two-Time Voter Fraud Suspect Ann Coulter Wants NPR Investigated By The FBI And Rep. Peter King

Reported by Ellen - March 10, 2011 -

If you ask me, two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter is not in any position to be pointing a finger at anyone else's wrongdoing. But naturally, she got no challenge from Sean Hannity last night (3/8/11) as she argued, during a segment in which she seemed more hyped up than usual, that the FBI and Rep. Peter King should investigate NPR because, in Coulter's words, the organization was “about to accept $5 million from a terrorist organization.” In reality, NPR was never “about to accept” any such money.

NPR had turned down the phony offer from James O'Keefe's phony organization and “was not close to being finished with its vetting of the organization.” Nevertheless, Sean Hannity overlooked the falsehood the same way he overlooked the two voter fraud investigations into Coulter (she wriggled out of the charges each time) and how a statement she made on Hannity & Colmes strongly suggested she had committed tax fraud, too. Check out Brad Friedman's excellent rundown for the complete details of Coulter's extremely suspicious behavior.

During the Hannity interview, which also included Coulter's criticisms of Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker, Coulter said, “NPR was going to take $5 million from the Moo-slim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. What if they were sitting down with Al Qaeda? I think we need the FBI to investigate NPR and their agreement to take $5 million from a terrorist organization.”

Hannity made no effort to correct her misinformation.

Coulter went on to say, “Is Peter King still doing his investigation (into Muslims)? 'Cause they ought to throw this into it. NPR is sitting down, about to accept $5 million from the Muslim Brotherhood.”

She added approvingly, “James O'Keefe has done more to destroy liberalism in America than any of the Wisconsin Republicans.”

Hannity said with a smile that another tape is coming out today.

“Well, good for O'Keefe,” Coulter said. Like so many others on Fox, she didn't seem to care a bit about O'Keefe's unsavory and even criminal past. But then why would she?

And is it just me or did she seem high?

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