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Jon Stewart Lampoons Fox News About WI Clean-Up Cost

Reported by Priscilla - March 10, 2011 -

Last week, "Real Journalism, Fair & Balanced" Fox News ran with a report that it was going to cost the state of Wisconsin $7.5 million dollars to clean up the capitol building after the protests. The three amigos on "Fox & Friends" were just so outraged. Steve Doocy said that this cost was being incurred because of the tape used to put up posters inside the capitol building. Gretchen Carlson was particularly incensed. She said that the "price tag infuriates me almost more than anything else about this story." Flash forward a couple of days and it seems that Fox subsequently reduced the price tag to $350,000 as reported by Jon Stewart on his series "Crisis in Dairyland." ABC News also reported that WI Secretary of Administration Mike Huebsch said that the cost had been exagerrated and the $350,000 is more accurate. But I'm shocked, would a "real news" network that is "fair & balanced" exagerrate anything to make a political point? Oh, say it ain't so!

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