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Fox News Demonizes Wisconsin Protesters

Reported by Ellen - March 10, 2011 -

As the Wisconsin protests continue, you don't need to be a psychologist to grasp where Fox News' sympathies lie. Just one look at the "fair and balanced" website, Fox Nation, shows not just how much they dislike the Wisconsin protesters but how much "we report, you decide" Fox wants you to dislike the protesters, too.

For example, one headline right now blares, Police in 'Crisis Mode' as Liberal Mob Storms WI Capitol. Another reads, Half of Capitol Controlled By Protesters, 'No One Is Safe,' National Guard Option 'On the Table'. For good measure, there's also a post called, Union Thugs Target Private Businesses, Restaurants.

Of course, this is quite a contrast to the fawning approval Fox News gave to the Tea Party protests. Media Matters also has a great catalogue of "Fox News lies" about the Wisconsin protests.

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