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Dana Perino Is Delusional? Says Hearings On Christianity Would Not Be Protested!!

Reported by Priscilla - March 10, 2011 -

On Monday, the morning "Fox & Friends" pals discussed GOP Peter King's hearing on Muslim radicalism in the USA. Brian Kilmeade referenced 22 plots by radical American Muslims as a reason for why King's hearings are necessary. (Taken verbatim from Peter King's talking points). Dana Perrino responded with something that was jawdroppingly - ah - jawdropping! She said - are ya ready for it - "Imagine if there was a hearing on radicalization amongst Christianity, there would have no protesters yesterday in Times Square for sure." Exemplary Christian and advocate for persecuted American Christians, Gretchen Carlson, said "exactly." Here's the thing. If there were a hearing on the influence of Christianity on radical anti-abortionists, Time Square would be full of "Priests for Life," "Operation Rescue," and numerous other anti-choice groups as well as conservative, anti-choice clergy. You can be that Catholic League Bill Donohue would be there. And you can bet that Fox "News," particularly "Fox & Friends," would have spent a week being outraged about it and urging folks to get out there in the streets to protest against persecuted Christianity. Ya think?

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