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Bill O'Reilly Channels Joe McCarthy In Demonizing "Far Left" Peter King Critics

Reported by Priscilla - March 10, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly and GOP Representative Peter King are true soul brothers. They are both very conservative, white, Irish-Catholic, xenophobic males who have a dislike and distrust of anyone not in that demographic. Both hail from Long Island. And while both are affluent and well educated, they present a persona of the surly "common man," reminiscent of "Archie Bunker" and the "hardhats" of the late 60's who hated those dirty f'n hippies. Both are passionate in their bigotry and both have a public platform from which to preach their bigoted messages. Both have a problem with Islam, which they claim is the source of today's terrorism while neither will ever admit that Christianity informs the conscience of those who commit acts of violence against abortion providers. Neither will admit that both kinds of terrorism come from a twisted view of that faith. Both love to scapegoat entire groups of people. King's hearing on "radicalization" of American Muslims is targeting one religious group. Bill's Tuesday night "Talking Points," which scapegoated the "far left" (one of Bill's favorite scapegoats) for criticizing King's hearings (and its just not "the far left"), was a classic example of the kind of Joe McCarthy tactics so beloved by Bill O'Reilly and his joined at the hip, separated at birth soul brotha, Rep. Peter King who, with Bill O'Reilly, represent the ugly face of today's American "hard right."

The title of Bill's "Talking Points was titled "Who's Afraid of the Jihad." (Ironic in that while Bill is using "jihad" to describe what he feels is part and parcel of Islam, King's hearing and Bill's ongoing diatribes are quite jihadist "holy wars." Bill claimed that the hearings "will be fair and feature the testimony of many different people". Fact Check - Only seven people. Rep. Keith Ellison is one of two Muslims. The other is Fox fave Dr. Zuhdi Jasser who not a "moderate Muslim," but one who is allied with anti-Islamic interests. There is only one law enforcement person, a California Sheriff. There is nobody from the FBI. Bill claimed that "some on the left adamantly oppose the hearings and go even further than that. They are denying that the Muslim jihad is the world's biggest terror threat." Bill, as usual wasn't naming names but painting with a great big brush.
He then showed video, from CNN, of Mark Potok, from the Southern Poverty Law who said that the biggest terror threat comes from the radical right. Well those were fighting words for Bill: "Are you kidding me. The radical right hasn't been responsible for a major terror threat in years." He said the last terrorist attack from the radical right was the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. He continued, "Muslim terrorists have killed 10's of thousands of people all over the world. How many people have the radical right killed and some on the left say the right wing loons are worse than the jihadists. It's unbelievable." He cited commentary from Ezra Klein who told the xenophobic Pat Buchanan that there have been Christian school shooters and that doesn't mean that all Christians are school shooters. Bill's verbal jihad continued. "The far left believes that the United States has provoked Muslim extremists by backing Israel and doing business with Arab dictators. To radicals on the left Muslim radicals are simply misguided and would stop their terrible killings if only we understood them and changed foreign and domestic policies. That's what the far left truly believes and that's why you're hearing all this absurd nonsense." He assured us that he will "hammer" the hearings if they turn into a circus and said "Americans need to know extent of jihad as it exists in the US. Yet another example of the radical left opposing common sense protections."

Addendum: Mark Potok of the SPLC has an excellent article about King's hearings.

Comment: Bill is full of blarney. He whitewashes (pun intended) non Muslims radicals because they haven't killed as many people as have Muslim radicals. He ignores the danger posed by anti-government, white supremacist, neo Nazi militia types and anti-abortion radicals whose plots have been thwarted by law enforcement. There have been twice as many plots, since 9-11, from non Muslims terrorists. And it's just not the "far left" that has said that the "jihadists" are motivated by American foreign policy. The US government says: "The 9/11 Commission report of July 2004 stated that perceptions of the United States’ foreign policies as anti-Arab, anti-Muslim,and pro-Israel have contributed to the rise in extremist rhetoric against the United States." Does Bill think that the Vice President of the World Jewish Council is "far left?" Rabbi Marc Schneier said that King's hearings were "un-American." Does O'Reilly think that leaders of mainstream churches, who have signed letters about King's hearings (including Catholic priests and nuns) are "far left?" Former CIA agent and director of graduate studies at Georgetown (hardly far left) is critical of the hearing. And I wonder if Bill is related to Dearborn MI mayor Jack O'Reilly who doesn't appear to "far left" and who says, regarding American Muslims: "We have a pretty good perspective on what it is that Islam represents because we see it through the actions and behaviors of our neighbors. The thing it represents is that they want to be fully American, they believe in America, they want to be part of our community. I think that’s something that’s been misrepresented and misunderstood throughout the country by certain groups" Sounds like he's talking about Bill O'Reilly and Peter King. Somewhere Joe McCarthy is smiling!


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