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Peter King Tells Martha MacCallum That CAIR "Attack" Is "Badge of Honor"

Reported by Priscilla - March 9, 2011 -

Gotta love it. First, Islamophobe Pam Geller says it's a "badge of honor," that her group, "Stop the Islamization of America" is now listed, with the KKK and white supremacists, as an SPLC designated hate group. And now IRA terrorism supporter, GOP Rep. Peter King, says that it's a "badge of honor" to be "attacked" by the Council on American Islamic Relations, a group that represents peaceful American Muslims. He made this statement today, during an interview with Martha MacCallum, on "America's Newsroom." It was pretty much a straightforward "Q&A" during which King tried to whitewash his IRA connections. MacCallum did admit that most Americans "share" King's concerns and then validated some - er - misinformation about CAIR that King has been promoting whenever he gets face time of Fox News. King is obviously attuned to the kind of choir he's preaching to.

Martha MacCallum showed a clip from yesterday's America Live in which CAIR's Corey Saylor "blasted" Peter King. Saylor said that King has a history of making anti-Muslim remarks - history that is born out be King's documented statements which include, as noted by Saylor, "too many mosques" in the US. King said it was "badge of honor to be attacked by CAIR. He claimed that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a major terrorism finance case. He defended his claim about 85% of mosques being controlled by radicals by referencing State Department testimony of a "National Muslim leader" in 1999. MacCallum did admit that this testimony has been disputed and she's right. Maccallum brought up King's IRA connection and cited a NY Times article. King, naturally, said that this was "biased reporting" and that Tony Blair has thanked him for efforts on behalf of northern Irish peace efforts and said that he understood King's comments during the 80's when he (King) was "bringing elements of the IRA to the peace table." After King went through his spiel about how radical Islam is recruiting in the US, MacCallum said "it's a very understandable concern to most Americans." MacCallum concluded by explaining that King was talking about CAIR's involvement with the Holy Land Freedom Foundation Case and that viewers could go to the internet for information on why CAIR is "on that list."

Comment: If viewers google CAIR and Holy Land Freedom Foundation, they'll find lots of right wing verbiage about nasty, bad CAIR. Hopefully, they'll find the articles in "Politico" and "The Jewish Journal" which report that "In a decision that could inhibit efforts to stigmatize some Islamic groups, a U.S. appeals court ordered that a lower court’s reference to a group’s association with Hamas be expunged... By clearing CAIR and ISNA of “unindicted co-conspirator” status, the unsealing of Solis’ decision could have political consequences, as a number of conservative and pro-Israel groups had used the label to tar politicians associated with the groups" and "The Court held that the Government did not argue or establish any legitimate government interest that warranted publicly identifying NAIT and 245 other individuals and entities as unindicted coconspirators or joint venturers, and that the Government had less injurious means than those employed, such as anonymously designating the unindicted co-conspirators as 'other persons,' asking the court to file the document under seal, or disclosing the information to the defendants pursuant to a protective order." Ergo, CAIR is not, as MacCallum said, "on that list." But how bout that old IRA symp Pete King saying that its a "badge of honor" to be "attacked" (Saylor was just telling the truth) by CAIR! I'm sure he won even more Fox fans with that comment.

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