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Megyn Kelly’s Hypocrisy Over NPR Sting

Reported by Guest Blogger - March 9, 2011 -

By Aria

Sometimes I seriously have to wonder how Megyn Kelly ever became a lawyer, considering her frequent lack of civility when debating and also because there are times when her definition of the law seems - well, skewed. I’m still furious about her little "battery" stunt with Mike Tobin, for an example of the latter. But she sank to a new low on both counts during her March 8th broadcast, when she apparently decided that she was in favour of the Tea Party crusading against NPR’s first amendment rights because of comments made by Ron Schiller on James O’Keefe’s newest sting video. By Kelly’s logic, It’s perfectly acceptable to defund a broadcast network because of what one person has said. Naturally, Kelly kept silent about O'Keefe's unsavory past and present behavior.

First, let’s get Kelly’s ethical hypocrisies out of the way. When Kelly began the segment, these were her exact words:

Fox News Alert- A Tea Party group is now demanding that Congress pull funding from NPR, a supposedly non-partisan broadcast group, after a soon-to-be ex-fundraising executive is caught on tape slamming Conservatives and the Tea Party.

First, Kelly hosted Molly Henneberg's surprisingly balanced report of events - despite downplaying O'Keefe's discredited and disreputable history, which seems to be the Fox News game plan. But then, Kelly "asked," “And quickly, Molly, did they say they’ll be doing anything about this? NPR?” It sounded more like a demand. That was all Kelly said in the segment, aside from introducing Henneberg.

OK, let’s go through our rebuttal, using some of the most lamentable examples.

Glenn Beck is allowed to slander damned near anybody he wants.

O’Reilly was allowed to slander Dr. Tiller until the doctor was murdered.

Kelly herself ran with the infamous New Black Panther Party intimidation lie.

Fox News’ major names showed more than a little bias covering the Wisconsin protests.

Fox Business host Eric Bolling even brandished a baseball bat as Alan Colmes challenged the double standard for unacceptable rhetoric.

This behavior is hardly fair, balanced, or even professional. However, I have not heard a peep out of Kelly in complaint. Moreover, while Kelly seems to think it’s perfectly alright to punish an entire network for one man’s actions, she didn't seem to care about any of O’Keefe’s disreputable and possibly illegal actions.

O’Keefe created a phony organization, (including a website) and he impersonated members of the organization while contacting NPR. As NPR's Dana Davis Rehm, senior vice president of marketing, communications and external relations, stated, "The fraudulent organization represented in this video repeatedly pressed us to accept a $5 million check, with no strings attached, which we repeatedly refused to accept."

If, as Kelly believed, Fox News reporter Mike Tobin was the victim of battery, then surely she'd think NPR was the victim of harassment, right? Wrong, apparently.

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