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Michael Scheuer: “Racist” Obama “Gonna Teach Our Little Brown Brothers” In Libya How To Vote

Reported by Ellen - March 8, 2011 -

Fox News regular Michael Scheuer, the guy who suggested he'd approve of a US Civil War as imagined by Glenn Beck, lamented we were not killing enough people in Afghanistan, who longed for a major terrorist attack to “save” America, who implored the U.S. to attack North Korea and "destroy" its Navy, who suggested President Obama is a traitor for not commanding the military to destroy the WikiLeaks website, has developed a sudden sense of caution now that President Obama has stated he's considering military options against Libya. As Karoli at Crooks and Liars noted, Obama's response to the mayhem in Libya has been remarkably measured. But Scheuer didn't just disagree with Obama's response, he ratcheted up the hostility to accuse the president of being an arrogant racist who wants to “teach our little brown brothers” in Libya how to vote. That was disgusting enough. But it was even more inexcusable that host Judge Andrew Napolitano, substituting for Glenn Beck, offered absolutely no challenge to Scheuer's despicable comments.

At the beginning of the segment, Napolitano asked Scheuer, “How much of a threat is Muammar Gaddafi to the United States of America at the present time?”

“Zero, Sir,” Scheuer said. I don't know about you but I find Scheuer's frequent use of the word “sir” pretentious and annoying.

As though prompting Scheuer to attack Obama, Napolitano asked, “And what would be the basis -- moral, political, economic or military -- for the American president to threaten military action against him?”

Scheuer responded accordingly. “Arrogance and racism is the answer. Every time Obama opens his mouth he sounds like a combination of Kipling and Woodrow Wilson. He's gonna teach our little brown brothers how to vote and how to elect people. He's really a tragedy for America, he's gonna get more of our kids killed in wars that we can't get out of once we start.”

Napolitano acted as though that were a perfectly reasonable response and went on to facilitate attacking the Obama administration in other ways by "asking," "Does the president of the United States know what he's getting us involved in if when he threatens military action over there?"

Of course, Scheuer responded by saying, "I don't think so, Sir."

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