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"Fox & Friends" Provides Platform for Rep. Peter King's "Jihad" (Whoops Crusade!)

Reported by Priscilla - March 8, 2011 -

As America's go to "news" network for all that's hot in the world of Islamophobia, it comes as no surprise that "Fox & Friends" would provide a warm and cozy platform for NY GOP Congressman Peter King who will be holding a congressional hearing on the "Radicalization of Muslim Americans." King was last seen on a Jihad (Whoops, Crusade) against the so called "ground zero mosque" - a campaign that was fuelled by a tag team of famous Islamophobe Pam Geller and the Rupert Murdoch media empire of the NY Post and Fox News. As his newest campaign fits in with the anti-Islamic spin of the "fair & balanced" network, it's only fitting that he is given a venue from which to spout his right wing talking points which dovetail nicely with those of Fox. Sunday's "Fox & Friends" was such a venue. King got to talk about scary Muslims, with no real rebuttal, and Fox got to push their meme. It was all good!

On Sunday, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris interviewed King who described the hearings as "absolutely essential." He offered what has become his standard comment about AG Eric Holder not being able to sleep at night because he's worried about young American Muslims. (King never mentions that Holder has praised the Muslim community for assisting law enforcement). The Fox "friends" chuckled when King said that attacks from Russell Simmons, Puff Daddy, and Kim Kardashian aren't going to slow him down. (He didn't mention criticism from faith communities across the nation.) While Morris did note that King is being compared to McCarthy, Briggs brought up the Fox meme that the Albanian, who is being held in connection with the shootings of American service personnel in Germany isn't being called a terrorist by the Obama administration. (This is home grown terrorism, how?) After playing some video of Homeland Sec. Janet Napolitano saying that this shooter is an "Islamicst," Briggs asked "why the hesitation" to call this terrorism. King went on a rant against Napolitano.Morris wanted to know what "signs" point to radicalization. King said that he will have family members of "radicalized" Muslims testifying at the hearing who will talk about "how it's carried out." The agitprop chyron: "Extremists In America," King Calls Hearing On Muslim Radicalization." (And who cares about anti-abortion, anti-government extremists - they're not Muslim!)

Comment: King had a nice platform from which to aid and abett the For News fear of radical Muslim meme. Fox & Friends had a nice platform from which to perpetuate the Fox News meme of the Obama administration not identifying terrorism as such. What was interesting is that Morris read a criticism of King from a Muslim while much of the criticism is coming from a diverse secular and faith community. But who cares about details when you've got propaganda to push. Ain't no party like an Islam hating party and Fox is helping Rep. King to bring it!

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