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Martha MacCallum & Dr. Zuhdi Jasser Diss American Muslims

Reported by Priscilla - March 7, 2011 -

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is not a "moderate Muslim" but he plays one on Fox News where he frequently gets face time to promote the Islamophobic talking points of America's most Islamophobic talkers. His group, The American Islamic Forum for Democracy, consists of just Dr. Jasser whose fight against "Islamofascism" has earned plaudits from the anti-Islamic neo-con Daniel Pipes. Jasser is a Fox fave and during his appearances, he has attacked Imam Rauf (Park 51) during a discussion, on Bill Hemmer's "America's Newsroom," about the NY "mosque" so maligned by Fox "News;" discussed radical Islam with Glenn Beck; attacked CAIR and validated Bill O'Reilly's concern that liberals want to institute radical Islam on "The Factor;" attacked CAIR and said, on another Bill Hemmer segment, that he had no problem with Juan Williams' comment regarding scary Muslims on airplanes. Glenn Beck says that Jasser is the "one Muslim that we were all searching for after 9-11." So no bias here, nosirre. Not surprisingly, Jasser is going to testify in Joe McCarthy wannabee Rep. Peter King's kangaroo court (whoops congressional hearing) regarding the "Radicalization of Muslim Americans." Not surprisingly Jasser was back, today, on the official Fox "news" show, "America's Newsroom," to further insult American Muslims and support Peter King's hearing which is being opposed not just by American Muslims but those across the American religious spectrum. Not surprisingly, "news" woman Martha MacCallum had no problem with the "dirty laundry" and provided some of her own.

During his time with MacCallum, Jasser had the podium and used it to say how King has "excellent courage" and these hearings are a great opportunity for the Islamic community "to lead the charge" against Islamophobia by showing the non Muslim community how Muslims are "taking ownership and responsibility for fixing the problem." (So if Islamophobia is a Muslim problem, is bigotry against blacks a black problem?) He talked about "denial" in the Muslim community and how Islamic radicals pose "the greatest security threat, the highest level since 9-11." He accused Muslim leadership of not "doing us a service" because "they're all about victimization that creatse a culture of lack of cooperation" with law enforcement because they say "the FBI is against them." This would have a perfect opportunity for "news" anchor MacCallum to say that "FBI Director Robert S Mueller III and US Attorney General Eric H Holder, and Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Centre, who each praise the Muslim American community for playing an instrumental role in assisting law enforcement agencies" and note that no law enforcement personnel will be testifying at King's hearing but no - she said "right." She even doubled down the agit prop, about "Muslim cooperation," with this: "and in some cases we have seen that happen and in some cases the American law enforcement folks have looked the other way, even though a person's family, in the Abdul Mutallib case, brought it to their attention." She asked Jasser if people are reluctant to bring this information to the attention of law enforcement. As if on cue, Jasser said there's "a lot of fear...because they're circling the wagons, they don't want to deal with it, almost like the enablings that happen in drug use or alcoholism...." He claimed that "certain Muslim youth are getting sucked into this cyber jihad, jihad cool where they're not being identified with American ideology..." He then brought home the propaganda bacon: "Most of American Muslim groups are soaking up the attention with civil rights issues, victimology, and they're not fixing the problem." (Hmm, where and when have we heard this before?) Martha closed with more agitprop when she said that CAIR is one of the most prominent voices "on these issues" and "it's very good to hear your prominent voice"

Comment: Wow, American Muslims are like substance abusers. Nice. But while Jasser and MacCallum perpetuate the right wing Islamophobic myth of a non American, American Muslim Community, A Pew Research Center 2007 study found that most Muslim Americans are "decidedly American" in income, education and attitudes, rejecting extremism by larger margins than Muslim minorities in Europe" and "there is little support for terrorism among American Muslim Americans."

Keep bringing us that "dirty laundry," Martha! It's so "fair & balanced."


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