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Bill O'Reilly Rant About "Jihadists" Includes Lies About Obama Administration

Reported by Priscilla - March 6, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera went around the block and then some, on Friday night's "Factor," regarding terrorism, Islam, and lone gunmen. O'Reilly is upset that Obama spokesperson PJ Crowley, did not characterize Arid Uka, the Kosovo Albanian gunman accused of killing two U.S. airmen and critically injuring a third at the Frankfurt Germany airport, as a "terrorist." He advanced the Fox lie (also articulated on Friday's Fox & Friends) that the Obama administration is reluctant to identify terrorism as such. Although a Pentagon spokesperson stated that there will be an investigation to determine if Uka acted alone or is part of a network, O'Reilly described Uka as a "jihadist" and used the term "Radical Islamic Terror Attack" under his visual backdrop as he introduced the segment. He accused PJ Crowley, who stated that they don't know if Uka was connected to a jihadist network, of "hedging" and speaking "gibberish." The saying "pot, meet kettle," comes to mind.

Bill, "from the jump," claimed that the Obama administration, "from the jump, has been loathe to brand Muslim terrorism as Muslim terrorism. This appears to be another Bill ass-fact as the Obama administration referred to the failed bombing of an airplane, by Nigerian born "Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab," as "an act of terrorism." When Bill, in his best condescending voice, told Rivera, "you know that," Geraldo said "no, I don't know that as a fact, Bill." (Oh, snap) O'Reilly asked Rivera if he "would dispute that from the beginning of the administration, they have been reticent, reticent. They didn't do it at Fort Hood, allright, they're not doing it here." Rivera responded that these events require "probing." Stop right here - Bill lied - "A senior official in President Barack Obama's administration declined to say whether Hasan might have been taking orders from abroad but did call the shooting "an act of terrorism." While admitting that the Germans were right about Uka having been radicalized (they also noted that they believe he acted alone, something Bill didn't mention), Rivera said "Let's take Jared Loughner. Let's take the example that P.J. Crowley uses. Now, if Jared Loughner and Arid Uka were both acting alone and Jared Loughner either said nothing or said 'You S.O.B.' as he then mowed down 19 and killing six, would he be any different?" O'Reilly responded, "If Jared Loughner had said, 'Allah Akbar' and then you traced him back to a Islamic fanatical thought process, he'd be a Muslim terrorist." Rivera then referenced a US army soldier who killed his fellow soliders at Camp Liberty in Bagdad and asked O'Reilly if this man was a "Texas terrorist" or a "Christian terrorist." At this point, Bill was starting to "go off the rails."

To Rivera's question of why O'Reilly doesn't use the term "murder," in cases such as the Camp Liberty killings, good Christian O'Reilly said "there is a jihad in the world, OK, it is a holy war, this guy in Frankfurt is part of it...there isn't a jihad for lone, nutty gunmen in Arizona. As Rivera referenced psychopathy, O'Reilly shouted over him, "He's part of a jihad, so what, the Nazis were psychopaths...." As O'Reilly continued to shout about Nazis and jihadists being part of a group, Rivera asked "why is only Muslims that get this appellation, terrorists." O'Reilly, really hyper, yelled "the jihad comes out of Islam, do you not get that?" (Do abortion related murders come from Christianity?) After some back and forth Bill repeated, "there is a jihad, it comes out of Islam." When Rivera said that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and are being smeared, Bill yelled "they're not being smeared by anything." Bill danced around the Rivera's question, "if every Muslim criminal is a terrorist, what was Timothy McVeigh."

Comment: According to Bill's "logic," if Scott Roeder, the man who murdered Bill's nemisis, Dr. George Tiller, were Muslim, he'd be a terrorist which he actually could be, given that the FBI is investigating whether he was part of a shadow anti-abortion underground (Christian terrorists?) - and ya wanna talk "jihad!" At the end of the day, anything that results in body counts is murder regardless of whether terrorism or "jihad" is involved. As Rivera pointed out, if Uka is considered a terrorist, he's a terrorist who happens to be Muslim. But for Bill O'Reilly not all deaths are created equal and those perpetrated by Muslims, regardless of their lack of connection to "jihad" are really special. Kudos to Rivera for mounting an articulate and empassioned rebuttal to Bill O'Reilly's bigotry. And no kudos to Bill who is advancing a right wing lie about the Obama administration. Bigotry and lies - can't get any better than that! But it gets ratings so it's all good, Alhamdulillah - whoops, I used an Arabic term. I must be a terrorist!!!


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