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After Wrongly Saying Entitlements Will "Consume Our Entire Federal Budget" By 2035, Sarah Palin Tells Bill O'Reilly To Stop Interrupting Her With Questions

Reported by Ellen - March 5, 2011 -

I've written before about Bill O'Reilly's skeptical attitude toward Sarah Palin and his proclivity for asking her tough questions. Last night, maybe because Palin made the ludicrously ignorant statement that entitlements would "consume the entire federal budget by the year 2035," and as O'Reilly grilled her about specifics on her supposed plan for cutting entitlements, Palin shot back that she "apologized" for the 4-second delay and added, "It's not an easy exchange to try to get my point across to ya if you interrupt so I'm going to continue to spot on reform of entitlement programs." Translation: I'm going to continue with my vague talking points."

O'Reilly didn't challenge her on her falsehood but he did press for specifics that it seemed to me he sensed she didn't have. He oid, however, ease up a bit on the questions.

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