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As Cavuto Discusses Possible Arrest of Wisconsin's Democratic Senators, Fox Repeatedly Displays “Wanted” Poster With Their Photos

Reported by Ellen - March 4, 2011 -

By Brian

Yesterday's Your World featured an interview with Wisconsin Republican State Senator Dan Kapanke who wanted the Democratic state senators arrested if they didn't return to Madison in one hour. He said "It's a Senate rule, and we can arrest 'em and bring 'em into the chamber here and proceed with the business of the State of Wisconsin." However, what neither he nor Cavuto noted was that that was a remote possibility given that the senators have fled the state.

Cavuto asked, "Would you do that?"

Kapanke talked tough. "We can send state patrol, at the request of the Governor, out to their homes or any place in Wisconsin where they might be and pick 'em up, arrest 'em, and bring 'em into the chamber."

Rather than point out the futility of that effort, Cavuto feigned balance by saying, “Democrats called it a 'very undemocratic move... an unconstitutional reach.'" No graphic about that! Instead, as Kapanke answered, a banner on the screen read, “WI SEN KAPANKE (R): WE HAVE POWER TO ARREST AWOL DEMOCRATS. That banner remained on the screen for the rest of the discussion.

Nevertheless, Kapanke replied without addressing the constitutionality issue. "Two years ago, the Democratic Governor, Jim Doyle, moved forward a budget adjustment bill that included over one billion dollars in tax increases... That bill was introduced and passed within 48 hours. We were in the minority at that time. We did not flee the state. We did not go to Illinois. We stood on the floor, we debated the bill, we voted 'no,' and then we moved to other items on the agenda. And that's the democratic process.”

Of course, the so-called “democratic process” he was touting would ensure his side would win but Cavuto didn't press the point. He allowed Kapanke to continue, “We're just asking our colleagues, some of our very, very good friends, to come back to Wisconsin, so that we can address the issues that are so critical to the great people here in Wisconsin.”

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