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Van Susteren Calls Out WI GOP's "Ugly Protest" Attack

Reported by Ellen - March 3, 2011 -

I'm often critical of Fox News' Greta Van Susteren so I'm going to make a point of giving her props now. As I previously posted, Fox News made a concerted effort to frame a confrontation between a Republican Wisconsin lawmaker and a group of protesters into something far more incendiary than it was. Last night (3/2/11), Van Susteren discussed the incident on On The Record in a segment FoxNews.com called, Ugly Protest That Almost Got Uglier without noting that it was a Democrat who had calmed the waters. But when the Republican lawmaker involved, Glenn Grothman, who made a point of saying he had never felt threatened, started attacking the left as "in general a lot less civil than the right," Van Susteren pushed back forcefully.

After calling the left "a lot less civil," Grothman went on to say, "You get these government-employee supporters... one more time we see this anger on the left. I'm not sure that it's coming from Barack Obama, I'm not sure it's coming from the labor leaders, but for some reason, you see a lot of anger and incivility on the left today." This, by the way, was after the Democrat who had come to Grothman's aid, who was also part of the discussion, had just called him a friend.

Van Susteren said, "You know, Senator, it's funny. When I see what (Democratic) Representative Hulsey did, it's sort of hard for me to listen to that tonight because I'll tell you, Representative Hulsey, he really didn't have to step forward. He just didn't. He could have walked the other way... "

Grothman backed down a bit and acknowledged that "the crowd was mixed."

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