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Megyn Kelly Says Bill O'Reilly Makes Up Facts! Oh, Snap!!!!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - March 3, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly isn't a lawyer; but he was playing one on TV, last night, during the "Factor," when he vehemently dissented with the recent SCOTUS decision about the free speech rights of the Westboro Baptist Church. He waved a copy of Justice Alito's dissenting decision around to make the point that the other eight SCOTUS members were wrong. Megyn Kelly, who is a lawyer, schooled him on the case and - I must say - did an outstanding job. This is must see TV!

When he tried to make a point about the situation, Kelly said "you're making facts up." As Kelly was trying to articulately argue the specifics of the case, Bill, in his most condescending manner, talked over her to say that he disagreed. When Bill spoke about a "loophole," Kelly asked if he liked the "First Amendment." He said he "loved it" and makes his living on it. Kelly then challenged him with a question that, I thought, was very germane to the matter at hand when she asked if he approved of protests outside abortion clinics. Waving his finger, he responded "in a certain way." She asked if he approves of the government shutting down Mohammed cartoons. Responding to her first question, he said, "I wouldn't want them to follow somebody home from the abortion clinic and get in their face." (Bill doesn't know that abortion protesters stand outside abortion doctors' houses?) When Kelly said that Westboro didn't do that, Bill said that "they followed him home through the internet." Looking quite apoplectic, Bill, who is "looking out for" us, told Kelly that she "didn't get it and neither does the Supreme Court." Kelly said that O'Reilly didn't understand the First Amendment. He continued "you don't get it, the internet intrusion." He then said his offer to pay court costs for the Snyder family "still stands."

Comment: Finally, Bill O'Reilly gets called out on his lies and misinformation and by a fellow Fox employee and by a fellow Fox employee who is a woman with some actual legal chops. I'm surprised he didn't cut her mic. Bill has already said that he didn't become a lawyer because he prefers bloviating to litigating and now he gets schooled on his bloviating by a real lawyer. Oh, the irony! And more irony that Bill, whose hate speech directed toward abortion provider Dr. Tiller created a climate of hate in which the doctor was killed, wants to limit the free speech of others who engage in hate speech but whose hate speech hasn't resulted in any homicides! I'm sure Bill would invoke the First Amendment if his anti-choice pals were prohibited, as Kelly noted, from screaming and brandishing their ghoulish photos at abortion clinics where woman are trying to access health care. Bill talks about the "slippery slope" of gay marriage. Banning free speech and free assembly, just because a folks are hateful, is a slippery slope. If that were the standard, Bill O'Reilly's not so dulcet tones would be muzzled and, as he said, that's how he makes his "living." I don't say this very often; but kudos to Kelly on this one! Bill O'Reilly "makes facts up" - ya think!!!

Addendum: As one of our readers pointed out, Bill claims he doesn't think folks should be "followed home." Yet he sends out his "ambush journalist" producer/stalker, Jesse T Watters, to do exactly that, Hypocrisy, anybody?


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