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Fox & Friends Smile Warmly As Michelle Malkin Discusses Pet Peeves

Reported by Priscilla - March 3, 2011 -

Irony Alert! Michelle Malkin, who strongly dislikes illegal immigrants, "anchor babies" (more irony there), minorities (more irony there), Barack Obama, democrats, liberals, the late John Murtha, Planned Parenthood, teachers' unions, and a whole host of other things and people too numerous to mention, went on "Fox & Friends" this morning to discuss her pet peeves which include "hateful" teachers unions and John Murtha. Not surprisingly, the defender of Japanese-American internment was warmly embraced by the smiling "friends" at Fox who never waste an opportunity to bash teacher's unions and anything or anyone else deemed anathema by the radical right wing represented by Michelle Malkin. It was classic "Fox & Friends" right wing messaging masqued as a casual chat among "friends." Morning agitprop can be just so darned cute!

Buttressing her contention that teachers unions are evil, is a retired NY teacher who is mad as hell that NY teacher union dues are going to a union that is urging its members to "agitate." Seems like Michelle's new pal, Vinne Cusimano, wrote to Malkin to whine about how, on the cover of his former union's newsletters, teachers were being urged to "agitate" and what's worse, the nasty teacher union folks had the gall to complain about how the Wisconsin teacher's unions are being treated. They also had the nerve to urge their members to attend rallies - something Fox "News" loved when it was the Tea Party doing it! Malkin said that Cusimano was disgusted that teacher union money is being used for "propaganda" in the latest teacher's union monthly newsletter which "is inciting hatred and trying to stoke up activism against conservative governors like Scott Walker of Wisonsin who are trying to reign in these bloated budgets and bloated public employee pensions..." (Nice GOP talking euphemisms for "breaking the unions.") She commented that "it's no wonder" that the NEA recommends, on its reading list - are ya ready for it - Saul Alinskys "Rules for Radicals." (Which was fine when Michey's beloved teabagger pals were using Alinsky for their hi-jinks) More on this can be found in Malkin's article found on Rupert Murdoch's NY Post.

The Navy is going to name a new warship after the late Pennsylvania Congressman, John Murtha. Michelle Malkin is really pissed off. We know that Michelle is on to something because the chyron says that "The Navy Ignores Public Outrage, Warship Named For Murtha Despite Protests." Gretchen Carlson said that some folks are upset because of Murtha's "relationship" with the military and played video, from 2006, in which Murtha said the civilian casualties, during an incident in Iraq, were because of the pressure put on the military. During another part of the press conference, not shown on the video, Murtha accused the military of killing civilians "in cold blood." Charges for all but one have been dismissed. Brian Kilmeade said that as an officer in the Marines, Murtha must have done some fine things, but "what he did in the last lap of his career was despicable." The chyron told you all you needed to know about Murtha: "Murtha Accused of Defamation. Rep. Blamed Marines for Massacre at Haditha." Malkin asked "doesn't this man have enough things named after him?" She wants the Navy to "back off."

Her last pet peeve is "Meatless Mondays" The chyron was"Raising Nutritional Awareness, Bowdoin College Implements Meatless Mondays." Michelle said that she's not a part of the "busy body police" and doesn't care what people eat. She noted that this is voluntary; but her concern is that it was "started by Johns Hopkins which is trying to get other schools, public schools, governments to adopt this and pretty soon it becomes one of these nanny state mandates." She asserted that "junk science" is being used to "justify" this because "some of these vegans are saying that this is a way to save the planet" and this comes from "dubious science." She proposes having an "MYOB" Mondays. (Hey Michelle, you didn't go to Bowdoin so why don't you MYOB and STFU?!)

Comment: Today's propaganda lesson was threefold: "hateful" teachers' unions, "despicable" John Murtha, and the god given right of all free Americans to stuff whatever fatty shit they want into their ever expanding tummies. Pretty slick!


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