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Fox & Friends Advances Meme That Westboro Baptist Protesters Are Liberal?

Reported by Priscilla - March 3, 2011 -

This morning, after referencing SCOTUS Judge Alito's dissent and Sarah Palin's Tweet that the SCOTUS decision is a "travesty," the chums at Fox & Friends read an e-mail regarding the SCOTUS decision affirming the Westboro Baptist Church the right to protest outside funerals of American soldiers. The first one that they read was this: "It is far more important that we protect our First Amendment rights than to alter our Constitution because of some far left loons." Gretchen Carlson then went to the next e-mail without commenting that hatred of gays is not part of the "far left." Gretch then worked in the requisite "persecuted Christian" meme with a reference to students who were told to take down the Ten Commandments from their locker. She said "but this is OK." Funny, I don't recall this kind of outrage from the right wing when "Citizens United" was decided. They should be happy as this protects their pals who scream and carry posters of "dead babies" at Planned Parenthood. It's interesting, in 2005, Sean Hannity said, on his radio show, associated Westboro with "the anti-war left." Is Fox "News" now running with this meme? But hey, who cares about the facts when you've got propaganda to push!