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Did Fox News Lie About The Attack Of The Wisconsin Protester?

Reported by Ellen - March 2, 2011 -

Well, well, well, it seems that what Megyn Kelly did her best to portray as an "assault" by Wisconsin protesters on Fox News reporter Mike Tobin was more like a tap.

I'll grant Tobin this: It can't be easy to be surrounded by a heckling mob and I can understand how any touching may have felt magnified and menacing. And I'll even excuse Tobin's hostility toward the protesters as a result of the stress. But what's Kelly's excuse? Even as Tobin tried to downplay the incident, Kelly - her voice full of her trademark outrage - insisted it was an "assault" or "battery" (starting at about 1:21 in the video below).

As it turns out, the "assault" or "battery" was not so much. During her little rant about Tobin's "battery" on the air, Monday (2/28/11), I found it odd that nobody played any video of this supposed attack. Maybe it's because a video would likely have shown a different story than the one Kelly was trying to tell. Check out this video from LiveLeak via Raw Story):

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