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Bill O'Reilly's Wisconsin Protest Video Has Palm Tree?!

Reported by Priscilla - March 2, 2011 -

Who knew that palm trees grow in Madison, Wisconsin? Last night, on Bill O'Reilly's "The Factor," Mike Tobin (who survived his vicious assault in Madison) reported that outside labor groups are busing protestors (like the astro-turf Tea Party groups?) into Madison in order to support the public employee union protestors. In the middle of the discussion, footage was shown of a rowdy protest scene in which mounted police had to intervene between protesters. Their signs were illegible.The second scene was a close up of an angry man. A protest sign was obscured by "protest video" partially superimposed over it; so, again, one couldn't read the words except one that looked like "Indiana." There was no audio for either video as they were a backdrop to Mike and Bill's discussion. The intensity of the scenes, especially the first, does not square with reports of the protests in Madison which have been described as peaceful and Wisconsin polite. But the question is where in the world were these protests? At about one minute and 42 seconds into the video, when the camera angle gets wider, there appear to be palm trees on both sides of the street. There is also no snow on the ground. Where is the undisclosed location of this protest? TPM informs us that this was a "solidarity" rally, held in Sacramento, last Saturday. Obviously, the image of out of control public union employees fits Fox's anti-union narrative. I know we have global warming; but I don't think it's to the point where palm trees grow in Wisconsin. TPM informs us that the palm trees are in What say you, Bill O'Reilly?!

Correction: Original thread was updated to reflect clearer video than the original YouTube and updated information from TPM.

Addendum: As noted by "Mediaite," at the beginning of Bill's segment, as he cited union protests "all over the country," he played some of the California and "angry guy" footage. It was labelled "union protests." The subsequent Madison footage was labelled as such but it was then followed by more "union protest" footage. So while Bill is off the hook from a "techinical" perspective, as "Mediaite" says, this segment "was clearly anti-union. Why else have a set series of footage showing just the clips of angry protesters pushing people and then get Tobin to talk about how the protesters attacked him?" The right wing message, that teachers and public employee union members are thugs, was still in your face. So my original point about the "narrative" wasn't, as some have claimed, a lie. It still stands. And one more thing, there were solidarity protests, on Saturday, all over the country and they were peaceful - unlike the message that Bill was promoting. Why didn't he show some of that footage?

H/T TPM for a nice, clear video



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