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Martha MacCallum & Fr. Frank Pavone Exhume Terri Schiavo For More"Baby Joseph" Propaganda.

Reported by Priscilla - March 1, 2011 -

Father Frank Pavone is the kind of right wing Catholic priest that Fox News loves. During the "controversy" surrounding President Obama's speech at Notre Dame, Pavone was on hand to validate those anti-choicers who felt that Obama, as a proponent of a woman's right to an abortion, should not be speaking at a Catholic school - a position not taken by the president of Notre Dame who is a Catholic priest. Pavone palled around with the anti-choice domestic terrorist, Randall Terry and is planning on voting for Terry for president - even though Terry has accused Pavone of putting money before principals. Put it this way, Pavone is a right wing radical who makes Fox's Father Morris look liberal. Last Easter, Pavone provided commentary, for Fox, about the state of today's Catholic church, as well as his work against "the violence of abortion." His article about the evils of Roe v Wade was on the Fox News website in January. Pavone was also part of the Terri Schiavo affair and has stated that folks who don't want "extraordinary means" are beaking the moral law. He, anti-choice Rev. Patrick Mahoney (who threw a fetus at Bill Clinton), and Terri Schiavo's brother are now involved in the "Baby Joseph" Fox led "controversy." Last week, Megyn Kelly interviewed Bobby Schindler. So it was no surprise to see Father Pavone interviewed by good Catholic Martha MacCallum yesterday - about - surprise, surprise, "Baby Joseph" and how his case connects to the Terri Schiavo situation which Pavone has described as a "murder." And it was no surprise that this segment was full of the same old, same old "right to life" and "death panel" propaganda that Fox seems to specialize in regarding matters that really should be personal but are ratings gold! And it is fun to see the "bubble headed bleach blonde" giving us more "dirty laundry."

Obviously Martha hasn't been doing any reading up on the topic because she asked why the hospital won't allow the tracheotomy to be done on the child. Here's the answer, Martha. The hospital feels that it would be too uncomfortable for the child as it would "cause much discomfort...increase the risk of infection and pneumonia." Pavone, rather than provide the correct answer to her question, said that "hospitals shouldn't make value judgments and that the tracheotomy would give the child additional months to live just as it did for "Baby Joseph's" sister. He noted that "Baby Joseph's" sister was given the tracheotomy but like all the other "Baby Joseph" promoters, did not say that the situation with Joseph is not identical, despite the same disease, to that of his sister. Per the Toronto Sun: "doctors "reluctantly" gave the couple's daughter a tracheotomy. Since then, doctors have learned "substantially" more about the procedure and determined it isn't right for Joseph." He said that the parents want to care for the baby. Father Pavone, who doesn't think that a woman should have the last word about her pregnancy, asked whether the Canadian doctors should have the last word. He claimed that he and his "right to lifers" said that negotiations are going on (LOL, you mean that the hospital is still negotiating despite Megyn Kelly's claim that they said they wouldn't negotiate if Bobby Schindler is involved?) He then claimed that he and his pals have a "plane standing by." (Oh, wow, this has the makings of an international action thriller - maybe Bruce Willis could play Father Pavone!)

Enter stage right - the ghost of Terri Schiavo. Pavone spoke about how she was deprived of food and water and how absurd it was that there was a water filled vase of flowers that he noticed when he was praying beside her bed. (And we all know that she was ready to jump out of that bed and run a marathon!) A little anti-health care reform agitprop snuck in with how hospitals shouldn't make judgments based on numbers and that there "are such things as worthless treatments but no such thing as a worthless life." Maccallum cited Eric Shawn's report about how hospital said that numerous attempts, to get baby to breathe on its own, have failed. Pavone said that was fine but that there are different ways to remove a child from the tube. He finished with "parents say give us our child, we want to get different opinions." Martha said this was a difficult situation and they're wishing the parents "the best."

Comment: MacCallum's show is supposedly a "news" show. Why should a "news" show be taking sides in what has become a very politicized story? Oh right, Fox "News" wants to save babies and scare folks about death panels.

The theme music of Greenwald's "Outfoxed"(Don Henly's "Dirty Laundry") is so freaking appropriate

"...We got the bubbleheaded bleach-blonde, comes on at 5
She can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye
It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry

Can we film the operation? Is the head dead yet?
You know the boys in the newsroom got a running bet
Get the widow on the set, we need dirty laundry

You don't really need to find out what's going on
You don't really want to know just how far it's gone
Just leave well enough alone, keep your dirty laundry

Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down
Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down
Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down
Kick 'em when they're stiff, kick 'em all around

Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies
We got our dirty little fingers in everybody's pie
Love to cut you down to size, we love dirty laundry

We can do the innuendo, we can dance and sing
When it's said and done, we haven't told you a thing
We all know that crap is king, give us dirty laundry."


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