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Megyn Kelly Resurrects Terri Schiavo To Smear Canadian Hospital & Advance Death Panel Propaganda

Reported by Priscilla - February 28, 2011 -

Last week, Fox News presented ongoing coverage of "Baby Joseph," a Canadian baby in a persistent vegetative state whose parents are refusing a court order to remove the feeding tube. The parents want the hospital to insert a tracheotomy so that they can take the child home to die. The hospital contends that the tracheotomy will cause more discomfort to the child. While the Fox news piece, on "America Live," was "fair & balanced," (Just the facts) the other coverage was straight out, and in the case of Fox "news" anchor Megyn Kelly, screaming propaganda meant to foment fear of "death panels" in health care reform - as well as to provide validation for the radical "pro-life" movement which has made "Baby Joseph" a cause celebre. While Kelly's guests provided a balanced view of the situation, Kelly was, clearly, partisan. The morning Fox "opinion" show "Fox & Friends" made no effort at balance. Rather, it was an intense emotional argument in which the reality of the situation took back seat to the politicizing propaganda. But Fox News does seem to love fetuses and those in persistent vegetative states as they know that nothing gets right wingers salivating more than talk of "killing babies" and Terri Schiavo - Hence, Fox's media circus outside a hospice where a woman was dying. Taking what should be private family matter and using it for publicity, means nothing to a network that knows that talk of death and "death panels" gets ratings and sends the requisite political messages. And now that Terri Schiavo's brother is getting involved in the situation Fox "News" knows that they can't lose - a veteran of a past Fox media circus joining up with the new "Baby Joseph" circus. Megyn Kelly's almost histrionic presentation didn't disappoint!

Terri Schiavo's Brother is now part of an organization that seeks to "protect tens of thousands of people with similar brain-injuries from having their fundamental freedoms taken away by an aggressive anti-life movement hell-bent on portraying severely disabled and otherwise vulnerable human beings as nothing more than “useless eaters." Not surprisingly he compares his sister's situation to what could happen with health care reform. ("Death Panels"). So he's joining up with those, including Fox fave Father Frank Pavone of "Priests for Life," and other "pro-lifers" who want to fight those nasty Canadians who are trying to kill "Baby Joseph." So no surprise that he appeared on last week's Fox "news" program, "America Live."

Last Friday, Kelly began with the claim that the hospital cancelled a meeting between hospital officials and parents after Schiavo's brother "showed up in Canada to help the family." (And get some nice PR?) Video of Schiavo, sitting up and smiling, was shown. She also claimed that the hospital threatened to withhold negotiations if Schiavo's brother went before the microphone at a press conference. (Search of Canadian media doesn't seem to support this claim.) Schiavo's brother talked about supporting the family by encouraging American hospitals to take the child and offering legal help. Kelly was almost hysterical when she, again, claimed that the hospital is refusing to deal with the parents because of Schiavo. After Schinder said that the hospital doesn't like the "exposure" it's getting, a hysterical Kelly underscored why this hospital needs security. "You're telling me that this hospital that has this child's life in the balance...they are trying to deal with distraught parents...who want the child to die with them, not in a cold, sterile hospital room...and they're threatening to cut off any negotiations...forget it, your child is just going to die...if Bobby Schindler shows up." Schindler said that was his understanding. Kelly referenced, without noting the differences in the cases, that "Baby Joseph's" sister (had same disease) was allowed to have the tracheotomy before she went home to die. Shades of Terri Schiavo when Kelly showed video of the baby where "we see him moving" and asked Schindler if there was a "dispute" about the diagnosis. (There is no dispute. If Kelly had bothered to do some research, she'd know that.) Schindler said that the important issue is that the hospital wants to remove the tube and not do a tracheotomy. Kelly's voice got screechy when she asked why the hospital is doing that and cited how Fox is getting lots of e-mails asking the same question - "why, is it a cost issue..." (Do I smell an agenda?) Schindler referenced cases that his group is involved with which are similar to his sister's in which "food and hydration" are being taken away. He talked about "panels" making decisions.

Comment: They came for Terri Schiavo, they're coming for "Baby Joseph" and they will be coming for you. Be scared of "death panels." BTW, the Canadian Hospital has "fired back Sunday against what it called “innuendo, speculation or untruths” circulating around baby Joseph’s controversial case... Allegations that staff and/or physicians at LHSC might ‘kill’ Baby Joseph are outrageous and defamatory,” the hospital said in a news release." Could they be referring to Fox "News?" Hmmm......


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