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Huckabee: Obama “Alienated The African American Community” Over Gay Marriage

Reported by Ellen - February 28, 2011 -

I don’t know what 2012 presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee thought he was accomplishing yesterday (2/27/11) when he said on Fox News Sunday that President Obama had “alienated the African American community” with his recent decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act. If Huckabee thought he was reaching out to those supposedly disaffected African Americans, I suspect his effort backfired. The truth is, as Huckabee must know, Obama enjoys nearly 90% support from African Americans. Something tells me a little disagreement over DOMA isn’t going to change that. If anything, Huckabee’s remarks showed how ignorant he is, both of the African American community and DOMA.

During the interview with Huckabee, host Chris Wallace brought up Huckabee’s comments about President Obama’s decision to stop defending DOMA. “You say that that could destroy the president. Isn’t that over the top?”

“No,” Huckabee said, though he granted it might be hyperbole. “First of all, he alienated the African American community. Overwhelmingly, African Americans support traditional marriage, more than Hispanics and more than whites.” According to Huckabee, about 75% of African Americans support “traditional marriage.” But even assuming that Huckabee's stats are correct, disagreeing with Obama about gay marriage is not the same thing as being alienated.

Wallace also noted that Obama had not come out in support of gay marriage but that “He said he believes that (DOMA)’s unconstitutional."

Huckabee called Obama’s stance “hypocritical and dishonest” because when he was a candidate, Obama was against gay marriage. “He’s on the record. Now, the question is, was he dishonest then, is he dishonest now or did he change his view? And if he did, when and why?"

Actually, not supporting DOMA – which is a law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriages is not the same as supporting same-sex marriage, though a guy like Huckabee might not see the difference.

Furthermore, as Wallace pointed out, the Obama administration still intends to enforce DOMA unless and until it is either repealed by Congress or a court delivers a “definitive verdict against the law’s constitutionality.”

But Huckabee went on to accuse Obama of “administratively” addressing the issue as though he had, by personal fiat, just legalized gay marriage. “I don’t think that what he’s doing is constitutional. If a president begins to decide which pieces of the law he’s gonna choose to support or endorse or enforce, based on a lower court decision, not because it’s actually bubbled up to a final adjudication, that is an unusual precedent for a president to take."

Wallace did correct Huckabee by noting that Obama plans to enforce the law. “He just says that he’s not gonna defend it in court cases.”

Huckabee insisted there was no difference. “It’s really the same thing. That he has decided that this is a part of the law he doesn't like so he‘s not gonna recognize it. I don't think a president in the executive branch can thumb his nose at a branch of government that is incomplete in its assessment of a law."

Video via Crooks and Liars.

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