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Coulter Explains Why Palin Won’t Run For President: She’d Have To Learn Too Much “Dull” Information

Reported by Ellen - February 26, 2011 -

Two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter appeared on Hannity last night (2/25/11) to discuss the 2012 election and her support for the supposedly non-running Chris Christie. As she and Sean Hannity ran through the various potential candidates, Coulter claimed to love Sarah Palin. Yes, Coulter really does. It's just that she knows Palin is so much better off without bothering her little money-grubbing head over "dull" information that presidents need to know.

Coulter began with high praise for Palin. “I love Sarah Palin… The only reason I inadvertently voted for McCain was because Sarah Palin was on the ticket. But she is so huge right now (with a minority of the population, that is). She has so much power. She sends out a twitter on death panels and she shuts down the health care debate. I think it would be a step down for her to run for president… I think Sarah Palin should keep doing what she’s doing. And I don’t think she’s going to run.”

But then, when Hannity said Palin said she’s considering running, Coulter was quite a bit less complimentary. “I think she’s saying that because she also said Newt Gingrich told her you get higher speaking fees if you pretend you’re running for president – which is why Newt pretends to run every four years.”

Hannity noted that he thought Gingrich would run. But, he asked, “If she (Palin) runs, would you support her?”

“Umm, perhaps.” Coulter drew out her words so that they sounded even more uncertain. “I can’t imagine it so it’s hard for me to get my mind around that. I think it would be crazy for her to run. She would have to learn about all sorts of idiotic things that presidents have to know about… (Lawyers, like Chris Christie) are good at dull information and reciting dull information.”

Oh, you mean such dull information as what brought down the Soviet Union? The Bush doctrine? The BP oil spill disaster? Immigration?

By the way, we’re hoping that whoever runs, Coulter will figure out how to vote properly in time for the 2012 election. Her Twitter page says she lives in New York City and Los Angeles but she recently got in trouble voting in Florida and Connecticut. Not that that ever gets discussed on Fox “we hate voter fraud” News.

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