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Bill O'Reilly Still Smearing Dr. Tiller While Supporting "Pro-Life" Hero, Phill Kline

Reported by Priscilla - February 26, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly's supposedly "fair" coverage of the ethics investigation of former Kansas Attorney General is nothing of the sort. It's as biased as O'Reilly's relentless attacks on Dr. George Tiller who was relentlessly pursued by "pro-life hero" Kline and whose pursuit was aided and abetted by Bill O'Reilly who provided validation for Tiller's attackers in the "pro-life" community - such as the radical anti-choice group "Operation Rescue" who had O'Reilly's "Who Will Save The Babies" column on its website. As we know, the relentless attacks on Tiller resulted in a climate of hatred in which Tiller was assassinated by a man whose anti-choice views dovetail nicely with those of Kline and O'Reilly. Now that Kline is being investigated for ethics violations, including his appearance on O'Reilly's show, Bill is defending him. I do wonder if O'Reilly would be as supportive of a Democratic AG who went after Crisis Pregnancy Centers (anti-choice operations that lie to pregnant women in order to prevent them from having an abortion). If Kline were a pro-choice Democrat, would O'Reilly defend things like taking down license plate numbers of clinic visitors, trying to obtain the driver names from state agencies, subpoenaing the guest list at a hotel often used by patients. But Kline is part of a group for whom and to whom Bill O'Reilly directs his anti-choice venom which won him a "Courage Award" from the hate group, "Family Research Council." During last night's "Culture Warrior" segment, O'Reilly stood by his man who, along with O'Reilly, embodies the misogyny of the anti-choice movement that seeks to intimidate, subjugate, and control women. But then Bill is looking out for us so it's all good....

In a rare moment of honesty, O'Reilly said "everybody knows how I feel about this Kline." (Bill hearts Phill). He added that he thought Kline "did the right thing." Naturally Bill didn't (and hasn't) brought up the issue of the alleged mishandling of confidential records which O'Reilly claimed he (Bill) had access to but which Kline denies - but details, details. He said "we know he was a pro-life man and he had (like Bill) an agenda." (So it's OK for a state attorney general to have an agenda? Oh, right he's "pro-life!") O'Reilly then launched into another attack on Tiller by saying that what Tiller was doing (i.e. saving women's lives) "turned his stomach." Gretchen Carlson claimed that "our numbers show that there were 249 cases of girls 14 and under in an 18 month span so the number may be even higher than the numbers originally reported." (This refers to numbers of abortions vs. what Kline's investigators claim were the numbers of sexual abuse reports submitted to the state. As there were few sexual abuse reports, Kline contends that Tiller wasn't reporting statutory rape). To Bill's question of where she got the numbers, she said it was the producers of the *"The Factor." Reinforcing the meme that Planned Parenthood is not reporting statutory rape, Carlson wanted to know why Tiller's office didn't report this. Bill, who was told by Megyn Kelly that Tiller was, according to a **court decision within his rights to not report this given the language in the state mandatory reporting law, said "that's because they know that there would be, you know, ah, more scrutiny brought upon them and they didn't want it." He did admit that there was a "loophole" in the law. Margaret Hoover said that while abortion is a tragedy, it's also legal in the state of Kansas. Bill said "not really" because "the legality of this was in question and had to go to the court process." Fact Check - Tiller was never found guilty of anything illegal. According to the court, he complied with Kansas law. O'Reilly, not a lawyer, said "if this was a flat out thing, the case would have been thrown out immediately and it wasn't." (WTF?) She said that Kline was going after statutory rape. Bill said that "there was a late term component." (Bill still thinks that silly gals got late term abortions because they were having a bad hair day.) Hoover said that all the girls had to have parental consent. She added that "appropriate measures were in place."

Comment: Once again, Bill demonstrates how his hatred of Tiller and his anti-choice world view prevent him from objectively discussing the climate of fear and intimidation which Kline was promoting - something that Rachel Maddow covered comprehensively. His focus is on stats that supposedly show that statutory rape wasn't reported. That was in the past. The real issue is the ethics complaint against Kline which O'Reilly, in his zeal to smear Tiller, doesn't want to touch. Once again, he doesn't waste an opportunity to insult Tiller. Once again, he shows, in his lack of understanding of why so called (by the National Council of Catholic Bishops) "partial birth abortion" is necessary to save the lives of women as well as abort fetuses with severe medical problems, his hatred of women who have abortions. Once again,he shows that both he and Fox "News" are mouthpieces for the anti-choice religious right. "Fair & Balanced" indeed. And one last thing, if Bill's teenage daughter needs, for medical reasons of course, to have a late term abortion, I assume Bill will let her die...???

And BTW, Kline was just going after the abortion clinics. It appears that he wasn't going after records, from Kansas hospitals, of underage girls who fulfilled their god given destiny to give birth. Just saying....

*Bill's boys most likely got them from an article, "Travesty in Kansas," on the anti-choice site "LifeSite News."

**Result of lawsuit filed by healthcare providers against Kline's requirement that they had to report, for possible sexual abuse, any contact made by underage girls seeking gynecological care - not just abortions. Yeah, Kline had an "agenda."


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