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Did Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Commit A Federal Crime?

Reported by Ellen - February 25, 2011 -

Now this is juicy! Legal documents say that Fox News chief Roger Ailes advised former News Corp. publishing executive Judith Regan to lie to federal investigators in 2004 about her affair with Bernard Kerik when he was being vetted to head the Department of Homeland Security under George W. Bush. The rationale was to avoid embarrassing Kerik’s political mentor and former boss, Rudy Giuliani, a long-time friend of Ailes and a 2008 presidential hopeful. In addition, conspiring to lie to federal officials is a federal crime. But don’t expect Ailes to be frog-marched out of Fox News any time soon. The New York Times says federal prosecutors rarely pursue such cases.

Raw Story includes this interesting detail: When Kerik was later indicted, it made the front page of every New York newspaper but one: the News Corp.-owned New York Post.

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