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Cavuto’s Your World Puts Missing WI Democrats’ Photos On Milk Cartons

Reported by Guest Blogger - February 25, 2011 -

By Brian

On Wednesday’s Your World (2/23/11), Neil Cavuto opened a discussion about the Wisconsin Democratic senators who left the state in protest by displaying a graphic saying, “Wisconsin’s Most Wanted” along with the photos of the 14 lawmakers who fled. For an extra dose of “fair and balanced” humor, the Democrats were also shown on milk cartons with the label, “Missing.” Then Cavuto brought on failed Republican Congressional candidate Starr Parker to offer her hostilities toward the missing Democrats.

Parker started by saying, "I think we should look at all the elite hotels since these are Democrats we're talking about, in Illinois, and we should fire. They should start recall of all of these Democrats who will not show up at work and they should look at every one of these public servants who have not gone to work and fire them."

Cavuto said, "Their argument is that they have every right to do this… This is the only tool they have. You say it's an illegal tool?" (Parker is not an attorney.)

Starr said, "This is not about mob rule. We have a rule of law in this country and it's called elections… The people in Wisconsin spoke… These Democrats are 100% out of order. This is not mob rule. This is get in there and do your job."

Cavuto said he would interview one of the Senators later and prompted more hostilities from Parker by “asking,” "What would be your message to him?"

Parker’s voice kept rising in anger and indignation. “My message to him is that he has a job to do. They're like children right now who are sitting in a corner holding their breath because their mom said no to candy."

"I used to do that," Cavuto quipped.

"This is why we had an election,” Parker said. We kind of had one in California, too, and the voters resoundingly rejected Starr. But somehow she and Fox News thought Americans wanted to hear what she has to say and that it's relevant to Wisconsin.

Parker sneered that the senators “should be ashamed of themselves… hiding out in a state like Illinois, where most of the businesses in Illinois are on their way to Wisconsin because they can't do business in Illinois anymore."

Cavuto laughed with great appreciation. "Man, you’re loaded for bear."

Comment: First, Bulls and Bears wanted to fire the protesting teachers. Now, Parker wants the Senators recalled. Fox hates everything about this Wisconsin situation except for Gov. Walker, of course.

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