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Megyn Kelly Still Flogging "Baby Joseph" For Anti "Obamacare" Agenda

Reported by Priscilla - February 24, 2011 -

Fox "News" loves "Baby Joseph," the Canadian baby who is in a persistent vegetative state but whose parents are refusing the hospital's directive that the feeding tube be removed. For Fox "News" it's a win-win as it speaks to the "right to life" which is a position that Fox is muy sympatico towards and the evils of Canadian health care which, according to Fox, will be actualized in Obama's health care reform - i.e. death panels. Tuesday, Megyn Kelly did her patented "scolding shock and awe" about this case and used it to promote the right wing meme that Canadian health care sucks and that the decision made by the Canadian hospital is an example of "death panels" which could be coming to a hospital near you. And while the debate was "fair & balanced," Kelly was hardly that.

Kelly began in a hushed and breathless voice: "Time is running out for Baby Joseph Maaraschli. They are trying to save their child's life." Fact Check - the child is terminal. There is no "saving" of life - but hey, it sounds soooo dramatic. She reported, in a louder tone, that the hospital has requested that a public guardian to be appointed which would "trump the parent's decision making." Her guests were attorney Tracy Bailey of the Health Law Institute and Fox's Dr. Mark Seigel whose specialty is Obamascare. Kelly said that the hospital "wants to end this child's life" and asked Bailey if they could do this. Bailey informed Kelly that the Canadian courts didn't force the parents to consent and the court order confirms that it's in the child's best interests to stay in hospital and that's why the guardian will be appointed. Kelly repeated that this action is "trumping" the parents. Baily informed Kelly that both in Canada and in the US this type of action can be taken if the court feels that the parents are not acting in the child's best interest. (Kelly, as an attorney, knows that!)

It was time for medical misinformer Dr. Siegel to promote the propaganda and he didn't disappoint. He talked about how the Canadian healthcare system has too much "government overlay." He praised Kelly for her "poignant" (read propaganda) interview from the day before. He "wondered" if what is happening in Canada is against the law and suggested that this is "physician assisted suicide" which is illegal in Canada. Despite the informed opinion of doctors on the scene, he questioned their decision to not insert the tracheotomy which isn't being done because of the level of discomfort for the child. He said - are ya ready for it - "it's because of a culture of rationing in Canada." He described it as an "outrage." Bailey provided a sound rebuttal but Kelly asked, while cocking her pretty head, "could this happen in this country that the parents don't want the breathing tube taken out and the hospital says 'too bad it's coming out." Siegel started braying about "physician assisted suicide. Kelly brought home the propaganda bacon when she said that "people in this country" get upset when a decision like this is taken "from parents and put in the hands of some guardian or some hospital that's paying the bills."Siegel starting babbling about the "government being involved" because government has the "sensitivity to do this on a case by case basis...and the more the the courts, the government is involved the more nervous I get that the wrong decision is going to be made" and - are ya ready for it - "that's what we're seeing down the line here with Obamacare...the same kind of regulatory problems may happen hear in the US." Bailey said that it wasn't rationing but resource allocation and what is best for the child.

Comment: Move over Terri Schiavo, Baby Joseph is moving in. And all you folks out there in Foxland - be so scared of death panels!


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