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Steve Doocy Can't Imagine Wrestling A Girl!

Reported by Priscilla - February 23, 2011 -

As Fox & Friends is America's morning persecuted Christian show, it wasn't surprising to see good Christian "Friend" Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson interview Joel Northrop, the Iowa high school wrestler who defaulted on a wrestling match because his faith dictated that he shouldn't wrestle his female opponent. While at first, the interview seemed pretty straight forward, the agenda soon became apparent in the "framing" of the issue as "controversial" and the posing of the question of whether this sport is too "dangerous" for young women. Fox News is the mouthpiece of the Christian right and the Christian right doesn't like coed wrestling, it isn't surprising that Fox would be promoting some propaganda here.( One conservative site actually said that Northrup put "decency and chivalry ahead of glory.") By the end of the interview, the principal propaganda, the importance of standing up for Jesus, was totally in your face as Doocy provided blatant validation. But speaking of Christianity, in the course of the interview, the good Fox Christian friends lied about what really happened. And, in the course of the interview Steve Doocy showed, once again, what a wall of genius he is! But he's a good Christian who doesn't like touching nasty girl wrestlers so it's all good!

Gretchen lied (oh, I know it's just a technicality) in her reporting of this "amazing story." "Forfeit rather than fight, that's what one high school wrestler decided he would do when he found out that he would have to go up against a girl, missing his shot at a state title." The chyron reinforced the lie: "Forfeit Rather Than Fight, Teen Wrestler Bows Out to Female Opponent." Fact Check - the teen "defaulted" which meant that he could compete in consolation rounds. Northrup, who is homeschooled and who is making his "first" TV appearance, told Steve and Gretch that wrestling has "compromising" positions and out of respect for this girl and her future husband (Wow, how patriarchal is that?! Not all women get married and some women marry other women) he couldn't wrestle the young woman who praised his decision. Steve said "we know you forfeited." The chyron: "Missed Chance or Right Move, Teen Says Faith Won't Let Him Wrestle a Girl." Considering that this decision was accepted by all parties and wasn't sensationalized the next chyron was interesting: "Boy vs. Girl Drama, Teen Won't Wrestle a Girl, Cites Faith." Gretch asked him if it was his religion or just an "opinion." Northrup said that it is religious but there is no "specific scripture" that "condemns wrestling girls; but it's more of a biblical principal of treating the opposite gender with respect." (Right, like that stuff in the Old Testament about stoning adulteresses and all that jazz about "unclean" women.) As the chyron asked "Too Dangerous A Sport ? Northrup Says He Won't Wrestle Girls" MENSA candidate (not) Doocy asked why there isn't a league for girls. Doesn't Doocy realize that there aren't enough girls who are interested in the sport, at least in Iowa, to constitute a league? The only way that they can participate is by joining the boys' teams. Northrup said that he didn't think wrestling should be co-ed. Obviously Fox has its doubts as the chyron then read "Controversial Decision, Should Boys Wrestle Girls?" When he cited "compromising holds," Doocy said "yeah." The chyron "Teen Forfeits Match, Misses Chance at State Title due to Faith." When Northrup said that he didn't think 15 and 16 year olds shouldn't be "doing that," Doocy said "I'm with ya. I think you're exactly right, I was a wrestler in high school and I can't imagine wrestling a girl in a competition." Pimping the Christian agitprop, Doocy said that "this is about something bigger than wrestling. Respect and what." Northrup said "taking care of somebody's wife someday, caring for her..." The chyron: "Missed Chance or Right Move? Teen Says Faith Won't Let Him Wrestle a Girl." When he said that his principals are important Doocy said "we salute you. You are a winner in our book."

Comment: Praise Jesus for Fox News which wants to save us sweet, lil gals from ourselves. If it weren't for those nasty feminists, we'd be fulfilling our god given roles as demure handmaidens of our husbands. Hand me my fan, cuz I'm having an attack of the vapors just thinking about those nasty wrestling matches that Steve Doocy is warning us about. Snark off. Doocy works for Fox so he should know all about compromising positions!?


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