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Sean Hannity: There Are Literally Millions Of Radical Islamic Terrorists Out There

Reported by Ellen - February 23, 2011 -

Really, Sean? Don’t you think you might be overblowing this a bit?

On Monday (2/21/11), as he moved on to attack Columbia University students who heckled a military-veteran speaker, Hannity sneered that they were “spoiled brat, Ivy League snot-nosed kids.” So said, the “working class” Hannity who just happens to be a multimillionaire living in a 16-room waterfront mansion on Long Island. But I’m sure he sends his kids to public school and teaches them how to be “regular folks” who just happen to have a pool, tennis courts and seven fireplaces. Just like everybody else – and like other military veterans.

Except – oh, right. Hannity never served.

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