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O’Reilly Wonders If White House Is Masterminding Wisconsin Protests

Reported by Ellen - February 23, 2011 -

During a discussion with Charles Krauthammer Tuesday night (2/22/11) about the Wisconsin protests, Bill O’Reilly said, “I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that President Obama may be behind the scenes in this Wisconsin brawl. It might be he and his guys directing what happens out there.

Krauthammer disagreed. “Directing is a word I would not use. That’s sort of conspiratorial. Obama’s dragged into this because the Democrats cannot exist without union support…He hasn’t been out there personally on this issue… Obviously, his element in the DNC... Organizing For America, has been helping to funnel the money, bringing other people from the outside, yes. But this is not a White House orchestrated conspiracy. This is a Wisconsin issue, a spontaneous reaction on the part of the workers.”

Nevertheless, FoxNews.com picked up on the conspiracy angle and called its video of the segment, Why Is Union Leader Talking To White House Everyday?

O’Reilly’s comment begins at 2:00 in the video below.

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