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Megyn Kelly Uses Dying Canadian Baby To Foment Fear of Death Panels

Reported by Priscilla - February 23, 2011 -

It's a Terri Schiavo redux. Underscoring how the Christian right obsesses on fetuses and those in persistent vegetative states, is the kafuffle, in the "right to life" crowd, about a Canadian baby who is dying but whose parents have refused a court order to remove the feeding tube. Not surprisingly, Fox News, which brought you the Schiavo media circus, is on it. In addition to an article on their website, Megyn Kelly "reported" on this story. And while the situation is very sad, Kelly used the opportunity to foment fear about how this type of Canadian "death panel" could soon be sneaking over the US border.

Yesterday, Kelly provided the backdrop, with the perfunctory "outraged" cadence in her voice, about how the Canadian healthcare system has "ordered these parents, ordered them to consent to the death of their son." The chyron provided everything you want to know: "Uproar Over Taking Canadian Baby Off of Feeding Tube." She then asked her guest, the child's father, Moe Maraachli, if he was going to comply with this court order. She asked if he believed that the doctors are correct in saying that the baby has no chance of recovery. He said he won't because the doctors are "misleading." He said he wants to bring him to America but the Canadian doctors have done "nothing" for him. Kelly referenced how this man's daughter, who died of the same disease that this child has, was given a tracheostomy that allowed her to go home to die. She wanted to know why that wasn't offered. Maraachli said that he didn't know but the doctor is lying. Kelly said that the doctors seem to think that this would cause more pain. Maraachli claimed that the doctors are wrong in their assessment of his son's capabilities. He complained about how his rights are being violated.

The second part of the program was a discussion about the legal/medical ramifications of this with Bill O'Reilly pal Wendy Murphy and Dr. Cathleen London. Kelly asked if that could happen in America. London said in the US a child would be allowed to be taken home. Kelly told Murphy that the Canadian judge is saying "you must consent to watching them take that tube out and die in the hospital." The agitprop being conveyed was so obvious in the chyron: "Battle Over Court Order For Baby's Death May Spill to US." Murphy got into some legalese about how this raises her "constitutional hackles" and that this is "anathema" to what we believe in this country when it comes to liberty and freedom to make medical decisions about life and death." Kelly said that the only recourse for the parents is to get permission to take the child to America where doctors would, "presumably," insert a tracheostomy. Dr. London said that was standard American practice. Kelly then launched into the propaganda message: "Doctor London, do you think that there's something going on with the Canadian health care system which pays for all the medical care, do you feel that that's playing any role here?" London didn't think so: but Murphy said "it's absolutely a cost issue" because inserting the tracheostomy will allow the child to live longer which will cost money. And - are ya ready for it - "this is what I'm worried about with Obamacare. It's not quite likely to be that bad. We don't have death panels as people have come to understand them. But we are going to have government agencies making decisions based on cost and that's a lot closer to the Canadian model than we've ever seen so we should be worried. It won't get this bad; but it will come close." Dr. London had said "no" during Murphy's spiel; but as the segment was over, she wasn't able to respond.

Comment: According to the Toronto Sun, the Canadian doctors said that a tracheotomy wouldn't be appropriate in this situation. It "may prolong the baby's life, it's futile in this case and would likely cause much discomfort. It would certainly also increase the risk of infection and pneumonia, they argue." Additionally, "Joseph's on a ventilator and fed through a tube. He's in what the doctors call 'a persistent vegetative state.' The doctors say he's blind and deaf. He's missing all five brain stem reflexes considered necessary for life -- gag, cough, eye movement, pupil and cornea responses. His brain deterioration is irreversible." So it isn't about cost but about pain and suffering of a child. And while Murphy brayed about government making decisions, based on costs, that's what our health care providers do all the time especially in end of life issues. . And if our health care costs continue to spiral out control, we will come to a point when somebody needs to draw the line on unnecessarily prolonging life as in the Schiavo case. That's what AZ Republicans are doing in cutting funding for Medicaid patients who need transplants. Where is Fox on that one? But there's one, big take-away here and that's

The death panels are coming, the death panels are coming. Be so scared....


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